VIDEO: Keisean Lucier-South on Spring So Far

Apr. 12 -- Keisean Lucier-South talks about his weight gain, position switch, and more...

Keisean Lucier-South talked after practice this week. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On spring so far:

Its going good, getting stronger and bigger, on the defensive line now.  Like in high school, when I was in a 3-point stance.

On what he’s working on:

Mostly my strength and technique, because Im a raw athlete.  I’m going over things with Coach Angus every day in practice.

On the transition back to defensive end:

I was used to it in high school.  I did a lot of it last year on scout team, in a 3-point stance.

On the biggest difference from last year:

Mental. I’ll play a lot now.

On how much weight he’s added:

When I got here, I was 212, now I’m 230.  They wanted me at 225, but I’m past that. I think I got faster. 

On the pressure they’ll bring:

We got bigger so I think it’s better for us.  We all want to get bigger. I want to get big.  I don’t want to be a small guy anymore

On how big he can get:

My goal is probably 250. That’s my goal right now.  I didn’t eat a lot in high school, but here I have a lot of resources. 

On if he talks to Anthony Barr:

I talk to him for a little bit. One time he was out here, I talked to him.  He says congrats, that I’m working hard.  Its cool talking to a legend.

On how tough sitting his freshman year was:

It was really tough, I’d never done that before, but working against the first team offensive line really helped.

On if that was expected:

When I got here, yeah, I wasn’t ready and needed to get bigger.  I think that was after camp, last year we had a lot of older guys.

On his food of choice:

A lot of protein. I eat a lot of steak.  A lot of steak.  My plan is to eat a lot of breakfast, a lot of hash browns.

On working on moves:

It helps me a lot, because lineman want me go inside, so they want me to work on my inside move.


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