VIDEO: Eric Yarber on Receiver Competition

Apr. 12 -- UCLA receivers coach Eric Yarber talks about the competition to take over for Jordan Payton and more...

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On the receivers halfway through camp:

They’re progressing nicely. Not a finished product yet, but I like what I see out there.  All the guys are playing hard, healthy competition. They know we lost three guys and everyone is trying to jockey for position to fill those voids.

On Theo Howard:

He’s pleasantly surprising. He has more speed and quickness than I saw on film.  He and Demetric Felton, they have to see the field.

On Ishmael Adams’ transition:

I’m very pleased with Ish. He brings that defensive mentality to the offensive side of the ball, athletic arrogance. He refuses to lose.  I love what I see from Ish. I asked him if he wants to break up passes or strike up the band, and he said ‘strike up the band, coach.'

On the advantage if a lot of guys at receiver:

Hopefully no one goes down. You need competition to make each other better.

On if Demetrice Martin has asked about Stephen Johnson:

Of course you know Meat has. He’ll get in his ear and say ‘you want to get a rep in over here?’ I see the sneaky moves Meat makes. But I don’t blame him because that’s a big time athlete.  That’s his little feather in his hat.  

On what he’s seen from Demetric Felton:

I knew he was explosive, but seeing him at the slot, he played running back, I didn’t think he’d be that polished as a receiver.  All he needs is know-how. The first couple days, I didn’t tell he or Theo nothing, I wanted to see their technique.

On Dymond Lee:

He’s coming in as a quarterback first, so hopefully he’ll be able to stay at the quarterback position.

On Jordan Lasley:

He’s starting to become more consistent. Last year, he would have up and downs.  He’s doing what he’s coached and working at a high level

On Alex Van Dyke:

Alex isn’t Bambi anymore.

On Kenny Walker:

He’s having an impressive camp right now. He’s running great routes.  Im trying to find he’s going to take over for Jordan Payton.

On Eldridge Massington:

He’s doing really well.

On who will take the main role:

Time will tell, they have to show me. Playing time will be earned, most consistent guy who plays at highest level, will be the guy that plays.

On how key it was for Theo Howard to be in for spring:

Very good for Theo to be in for spring.  He’s seeing the physicality right now.

On what kind of leader he’s looking for:

Any way they can lead. If you can lead by example, work hard, say follow what I do, so be it.  I don’t want a rah-rah guy who can’t make plays.

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