Mora On Offense, Players Out

Apr. 13 -- Coach Jim Mora talked Wednesday about the offense and how it's looked better the last two practices, and some of the players out with injury...

Coach Jim Mora talked Wednesday after practice. 

Opening statement:

I thought it was a good morning.  We got a lot of work done.  This time we get into situational work and continue to work on schemes on offense and defense. We're missing some guys which is always a part of spring.  Not having Mique or Breland or Demetric, three young guys, it kind of stunts their progress.  Breland and Mique had concussions and we want to make sure they're ok before they're back out here.  Demetric has a rather serious shoulder injury that will require surgery. I dont know at this point if it will limit him this season.  Its unfortunate because he's doing a really nice job.  It was a good morning and we're seeing a lot of progress. Randall was out here doing individual and one-on-one, he has a contusion.  Then Josh Woods he has a hamstring injury.  You just dont want things to linger. There is that rub of pushing that guy through an injury and wanting him out there.

On if the freshman just weren't physically ready:

Breland had been with us and his was a concussion, same with Mique.  Both were physically ready.  And Demetric was a collision injury, he put his shoulder down and it got caught.  I hope not.

On Tevita Halalilo:

He had a setback, he'll have to have his ankle surgically repaired again.  I'm not sure if its a 3-month deal or a 3-week deal but they have to go in there and clean up.

On Ishmael Adams:

It has been a very productive thing for us.  He has real playmaking ability, quickness, burst, speed, catches the ball well, runs good routes, has an element of toughness and has that defensive mentality on offense.  He could move to defense if we needed him to, but right now, he's locked in on offense.

On Stephen Johnson playing corner:

We moved him over there to do some stuff in 1on1's.  We left him there for 7on7 and team. I have to watch him more. He's athletic and your goal is to get your best players on the field. We'll look at a guy anywhere and he's a guy who's played both ways.

On Josh Rosen this spring:

He's excited about what we're doing, some new concepts for him, throwing to some new receivers. There is a feeling out period. He's embracing what we want to do on offense and it's making him a better player. He'll work from under center, some more play action, more of a complete package as a quarterback. Developing a skill set, to a further extent. Some of the things we're doing and will do, he's smart and he can help us out.  This year, he'll be able to do more. He has a better grasp of defenses as well. At this point, he has a much greater understanding.

On Tahaan Goodman:

He's been consistent in everything he does, better in 1on1s, better in open field, better with the ball, same physical, tough nature as a hitter. He's been quieter and I think that's a good thing. I'm excited about his progress.

On if the offense took a step forward:

Today was.  Tui told me Monday was Josh's best day of the spring and I thought he was darn good today.  We're in progress. Spring is a time to lock in.  I think repetition for guys with talent and skill, you see progress. 

On the offensive line:

They were better today. They're in kind of a state of flux. Replacing three inside guys is tough.  Having Scott Quessenberry in there helps, he has a great understanding of what we're trying to do. Finding some consistency at the guard position.

On if Quessenberry will stay at center:

I don't know, he looks comfortable there.  Its about your best five. We're set on our two tackles right now, but at guard there is great competition, at center, I'm not sure I can say his name, but the guy transferring in.  And then Andre James looks like he can do some guard. So the best five that we can get.  Our offensive line last year was tremendous. We were 15th in the country in sacks allowed. We have a chance to be pretty good.

On the running game:

I like the way we're running the ball and the way we're defending it as well. We do 9-on-7 and its a great drill. Everyone knows every play is a run. Typically, we have an extra guy in the box. It's helped our mindset and helped our running game tremendously. And defensively, the fundamentals, we're improving there as well.

On if he'll change things down the last few spring practices:

We'll keep it consistent. We did some move the ball today. Its really a chance to get your playcallers on offense that they have to react quickly to move the ball. Its practice for coaches as well. We'll continue to do that.  I think we're getting a lot of good work done.  

On how far they are on installing:

We're pretty far along and have most of our stuff in.  You'll see different formations and the look of the snap. Run concepts are all in, but you can change things how they look before the snap.  Monday we introduced one new concept.  

On if the playbook is smaller:

I don't know if its smaller, but, we have a playbook now. So that's a thing. When you run the spread, its hitting it on the go.  The things we're doing now, there is just a little more specifics and details at times. Every offense is different and has a different level of specifics.  So this offense is a little more detailed.

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