Austin Roberts Talks Switch To Tight End

Apr. 13 -- Austin Roberts talks about the switch to tight end and the amount of weight he had to gain...

Austin Roberts talked after practice today. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On the move to tight end:

Its going pretty smoothly right now.  Its very physical in the line and in the box and learning the nuances of the position.  Dealing more with lineman and trying to get off the second level of releases. Its a learning process.  We’ll get there.

On the conversation:

I remember the conversation I had with Coach Mora, I was already bigger. I got to 230 and got stronger and got my leg rehabbed and ready to go.

On his speed:

I’m definitely playing faster than I ever have. I’m running really well. All thanks to the training staff and Coach Alosi, its paid off.

On the tight end being used in the passing game:

There are plenty of plays where the tight end releases. We’ll still be spread out, me and Nate. But we’re more of a tougher offense this spring.

On his target weight:

Probably 230-235, I don’t want to get too much bigger.

On his favorite receiver to watch:

Anquan Bolden. I always respected him.

On if the offense is making progress:

Today, definitely our pass pro, we’re installing a brand new offense. You have to embrace the process.  I have to learn to block with the tackles.  A day like today was great.

On the difference on blocking inside at tight end:

Its different because against a DB, they try to make you miss, but going against a DL, they want to engage and make their moves. I’m 230 but I could go against someone who’s 300 and expected to hold the edge. 

On if he has a great appreciation for what the running backs go through:

Some plays Im more responsible to get the runs started.  Its definitely a whole new perspective.

On the running backs:

The way Coach KP coaches them, they always run-through the end zone, so I pick up tips on how to run from them and always finish.

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