UCLA DC Tom Bradley on Position Competitions

Apr. 14 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about some position competitions and more...

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On the progress in spring:

We’ve made tremendous strides, have a lot of situational defenses in. We have some injuries, we’d like to get some of the younger guys in here.  I’ve been really pleased with how we’re progressing.  We’ve covered a lot of different situations and understand them better.

On the Mike linebacker battle:

That’s the one position we’ve stayed healthy at and I think Coach White has done a nice job there.  We haven’t made them play two positions, just made them play one.  We try to match it up in different situations and everyone is getting a fair shot, so that always helps.

On if they’d like a starter sooner rather than later:

It doesn’t matter to me, unless you have a clear cut guy, let them fight it out.

On if he’s comfortable with the number two's:

There are a couple areas we don’t have as much depth, and the scheme is a great time to develop depth.  We’re doubling up a couple players and asking them to do two.  Even though they might not get physical reps, in the meeting room, they’ll get some mental reps. I know Angus always does different positions and different ratings.  

On Jaleel Wadood:

With Jaleel, he’s playing safety, he’s playing corner, a lot of different spots. What you see out there, some guys haven’t had as many reps at one position.  That’s all through the learning process. They do have some learning experience.  Marcus hasn’t been in practice nor has Fabian, so we’re asking guys to do more.

On if the offensive changes helps the defense:

It will be similar no matter what we play.  There are a lot of calls, especially with Wadood making them, but then he’ll physically have to do the technique at corner.

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