Adarius Pickett on Running With The Ones

Apr. 14 -- UCLA safety Adarius Pickett talks about running with the first string so far this spring...

Adarius Pickett talked earlier this week. If the video above won't play, try the version below.

On spring practice:

So far it’s going good.  I’ve gotten a whole lot of reps with the ones. We have a real good pass rush right now.  Its going pretty good.

On what he brings:

A lot of physicality.  A whole lot of physicality, I bring to the game.

On what he’s learned this spring:

Really to trust my technique and what Ive learned in the offseason. Once I learned those, things fall into place.

On what changed down the stretch for him last year:

I don’t think it was the mentality changing, it was the preparation I made last year.  I feel like it carried on in the offseason and my work ethic increased.  I studied some of the NFL players and the techniques they use.

On which NFL players he models his game:

I like Kam Chancellor and how he controls the Seahawks defense. From a corner perspective, Patrick Peterson. I also watch Deonne Bucannon, my brother played with him. I like the Seahawks and Cardinals.

On the focus in the weight room:

Coach Alosi's program has worked real well. You know how important it is.  We want to be a physical team this year. I think everyone took last season into their thoughts.  I think there was more heavy weight, increase the weight, see what we can do.

On his size right now:

I’m 202 right now.  My max in everything has went up. I feel confident in the weight room.

On if everyone looks bigger:

Most definitely. You look at Bolu, he looks heavier and much more built.

On which running back is hardest to tackle:

Nate Starks runs hard too, but you have to get them to the ground.

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