Video: Alex Van Dyke Talks Progression

UCLA wide receiver Alex Van Dyke spoke to reporters following Thursday afternoon's practice session, touching on his progression this offseason...

Alex Van Dyke caught up with the media following practice Thursday, breaking down his improvements and relationship with Josh Rosen.

On spring goals:

My goal is to come out here, give my best and learn all the plays, make all the catches thrown to me and continue to get better with my team.

On what he needs to improve on:

Always routes, the concepts of the plays.

On if there has been much change with the receivers with new offense:

With the receivers, no, there are just some things to fill in and learn, but we're getting it

On being an older player:

Its different, but I don't see myself as an older guy.  I just try to help the younger guys not make the mistakes I did.  Some of those mistakes, not knowing the plays, letting my confidence get down, not being myself out there.  My word to them is to stay encouraged, compete and know your stuff.

On his relationship with Josh Rosen:

I feel like I have a great relationship with him.  He's a cool dude, a great quarterback, I run the routes, he makes the plays.

On his weight:

I ended the season at 210, 215 and now I'm 224.  I feel like I've gotten faster.  Faster, stronger and better.

On if he added the weight because of the new offensive tweaks:

Our goal is to always attack the weights full speed.  They set the plan, we follow them.

On which NFL receivers he models his game after:

Of course, you always have people you look up to. One guy I look up to is Calvin Johnson. First off, my dad, he was a phenomenal receiver. But Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, taller guys like them, looking at them helps me a lot.

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