Kolton Miller Talks UCLA Offensive Line

Apr. 15 -- Kolton Miller talks about the state of the UCLA offensive line, three weeks into camp...

Kolton Miller talked after practice. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On spring so far:

I think it's going really good. We're really battling it out. I'm going against Takk and Matt and they're giving me a real tough competition. We're really making ourselves better every day, coming out and competing.

On the new offensive concepts:

I love running down hill and man blocking. It's different from the Mazzone's coaching and their offense. This I enjoy, going man to man.

On what Kennedy Polamalu has brought:

He's brought so much energy.  It is really fun listening to him talk and his enthusiasm when we talk as a team.  It really fires people up.

On his toughest block so far:

Me personally, probably Takk. We're going after each other, but he's probably the toughest one so far.  He has speed, power, bull rush, he can get up field and brings a lot of power.

On the up and down spring:

The biggest difficulty, the first week, it was adjusting to a new offense, a new snap count. We're slowly adjusting, feeling people out.  It's a learning curve.

On how the new tweaks has optimized the personnel:

Doubling down the tight ends, with the types of backs we have, we can move the defense and holes will emerge from it.

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