3-star OL Andrew Vorhees Visits UCLA Again

Apr. 15 -- Kingsburg (Calif.) offensive tackle Andrew Vorhees took a Pac-12 swing, visiting a trio of Pac-12 South schools for spring practice, including a return trip to UCLA...

Kingsburg (Calif.) offensive tackle Andrew Vorhees (6-5, 292) hit a trio of Pac-12 schools this past week.


Vorhees started out visiting Arizona State, flew to Southern California to check out USC and ended the trip with a stop at UCLA.

The three-star has visited a number of Pac-12 schools this spring and still has one more stop on the schedule during spring ball, a return trip to Oregon for the Ducks' spring game.

The last week, though, was about hitting a few Pac-12 South schools.

"We started out going to Arizona State and that was my third time going there," said Vorhees. "I like it there.  They're doing a whole bunch of renovations to their stadium and working on their new football complex."

Chris Thomsen, the Sun Devils' offensive line coach, is the primary recruiter for Vorhees and the two have a good relationship.

"After practice, I just sat in and talked with Coach Thomsen and we really hit it off," said Vorhees.  "They have a lot to offer from a career aspect."

Vorhees flew to Southern California and went to USC's practice last Saturday.

"After practice, Coach (Neil) Callaway, their offensive line coach, and Mike Goff, their offensive assistant, talked to me and they had another guy during practice showing me all kinds of love," said Vorhees.  "I thought they might offer, but Coach Callaway said he'll be by this spring.  I got to take a tour and go through their facilities and Coach Callaway talked with me a couple of times.  I know they're going to come by and see me in the spring so I think they could offer then."

On Monday, Vorhees visited UCLA and it was also a return trip to Westwood.

"We did the tour before but this time, I went with my dad and uncle and my uncle hadn't gone through it, so we took the tour again and refreshed what's on campus," said Vorhees.  "They were in shells at practice because on Saturday they went pretty hard.  But there was still a great intensity.  You could tell the team was there and ready to compete.  I talked with Coach (Adrian) Klemm and stuck in his office a couple times to talk.  My defensive coordinator at Kingsburg played tight end at Nebraska and was recruited by Coach (Angus) McClure to Nebraska so he was who was first in contact, but now it's transitioning to Coach Klemm mainly.  But both are in contact."

The Bruins and Sun Devils are two of the schools recruiting Vorhees the hardest with Washington State right there as well.

"I'd say recruiting me the hardest are the coaches from Washington State, Coach Clay McGuire is reaching out a lot, then Coach Thomsen at Arizona State and UCLA and their coaches as well," said Vorhees.

Vorhees will return to Oregon for their Spring Game, going with his parents this time after visiting with his uncle previously.  The Ducks offered him when he visited earlier this spring.  Oregon State had previously offered and the Beavers have gotten a visit from him too.

With the evaluation period starting this weekend, Vorhees is prepared for a slew of coaches to stop by.

"So far, I know that USC, UCLA, Cal, Arizona State, Washington State and Utah are coming by," said Vorhees.  "And I think a lot more will too.  That's all I know for sure, but I'd imagine more will come."

Stanford has had Vorhees at their camp the last two years and he'll return to camp this summer.

"I think we'll go to Stanford's camp and then I'll try to go to Notre Dame's summer camp," said Vorhees.

The Cardinal have been in contact and Vorhees is staying in touch.

"Coach Pete Alamar is the area recruiter and he came by during the contact period," said Vorhees.  "Their recruiting is different than most but I'm still hearing a little from them."

Vorhees has a 3.67 and took the SAT last month.

A decision is still a ways off.

"I want to take my official visits before I commit," said Vorhees.  "I don't want to commit and then visit schools and look foolish.  I'll take my officials and then commit but before I commit, I'm taking a few trips, because once I commit, I'm done.  So that will probably be towards the end of the season, around bowl time."

Next month, Vorhees will camp at The Opening in Oakland.

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