Kenny Walker on Becoming a Senior Leader

Apr. 15 -- UCLA receiver Kenny Walker talks about taking a leadership role on the team this spring...

Kenny Walker talked after practice this week. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On going into spring as a senior:

It’s very different because Coach Yarbs expects a lot out of me.  To lead the group and keep the whole group positive. It’s easier this year because I know the offense better for some reason and I’ve been studying with Coach Yarbs, and a lot of the young guys look to me to help them out like JP used to do with us and that’s what Coach Yarbs wants.

On what he’s added in the offseason:

Mainly just catching the ball like always. I’ve always had trouble with that, being a running back in high school.  No excuses though. That’s the main thing I’ve been focusing on, catching the ball. 

On if he’s seen improvement there:

Definitely, I haven’t been dropping many passes.  

On what he’s doing to help:

Mainly catching juggs at high speed.  Sometimes its just the way I position my hands, I drop the ball sometimes.  Its how I position my hands so a lot of juggs.

On what they need to replace with Jordan Payton’s departure:

I would say leadership. I see JP as a leader. A lot of his stuff on tape, I’ve added to my game and its helped me a lot. Showing the younger guys what they need to do.

On what some of those things are:

Mainly his releases off the ball, I like his releases.  And being able to catch the ball in tight spots, with a DB on him.

On Theo Howard:

Theo is a different animal. He’s going to be good and a top receiver here for years to come and he’ll play this year. He’s really fast and he has great technique. I’ve never seen a freshman receiver come in with that kind of technique and he’ll be the next top Bruin receiver.

On if the lines struggles change the receivers routes:

Not necessarily.  We all have to work as a team, so its mainly getting the snap count down right.  If we play together as a team, it will all work out. It’s not us getting open early.  If we just work as a team and get better.

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