Video: Jim Mora After Saturday Practice

UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke with reporters following Saturday's practice, providing an update on Josh Rosen, who sat out the two-hour session...

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Opening statement:

We had a good practice today.  Josh didn't practice today, which I thought someone might ask me about. His hip was a little sore, so we held him out. No big deal, he'll be back out on Monday.  Precautionary. Good practice, physical.  We've emphasized through camp, a lot of situations. I like where we're headed. The 9-on-7 drill is a good drill for us. You have to be a fundamentally sound football team and that's a drill that emphasizes that.  When they pop one, it's a hell of a play for the offense, but there are so many great opportunities to teach. I noticed a big jump in the offense this week, especially in the passing game.

On what not having Rosen on Saturday allowed them to do:

Well, forced Mile to run with the ones, which is nothing big for him, he's been here a long time. And getting Matt in there in a pressure and competitive situation. He did some good things and some things he'll improve on in film. That's probably the most pressure he's been under in spring.

On Mique Juarez:

Mique did some running on the side, which is the next step in concussion protocol.  Hopefully Breland will be back next week. I will be very hesitant to put Mique or Breland in practice next week, with head injuries, the benefits don't outweigh the risk. Maybe they'll do some individual work, but I'll keep them out of contact for sure.

On the progress with new installation:

I love it. I like the direction we're headed.  I think this week we made a huge jump, guys understanding concepts.  I'm pleased with the progress.

On the running backs:

When you stand right behind them and see their patience, those three guys getting most of the reps, Nate, Soso and Bolu, they can put their foot in the ground and get vertical.  Its the same runs, there is not a lot of difference, but for all those guys, experience in the system is a benefit.  And then Ainuu and Cameron, because they don't carry the ball, you don't notice them, they've been extremely impressive. I'm impressed with how well Cameron and Ainuu catch the ball.

On if he wants a starting running back:

In this day and age, you have to have multiple running backs, and we're fortunate to have three very good players.  I dont think we'll ever have to name a starter, they're all starters. Just like receiver. In our mind, they could all be starters.  

On Stephen Johnson:

He has a long ways to go. He has athletic ability, but its a different world over there. He's spent a lot of time with Coach Meat.  He's trying to absorb a lot. He certainly has the hips and the ability to catch the ball and run. The timing of when to look, where to put your eyes. Its all those things and more difficult to line up and cover the guy. He's anxious to be good.

On Will Lockett:

I'm glad you recognized Will, he's shown up a lot.  He's playing with confidence.  He's a guy who can help us. I don't know if he'll start, but certainly he'll have a role on special teams.  He's been a real, I've been impressed with how he's progressed.

On J.J. Molson:

I feel good, and Andrew as well. Both of those guys are kickers.  The key isn't the kicker, it's integrating a snapper and the holder. Those guys are working through that. Willie has never snapped in a game, Adam has never held in a game.  The ball is popping, he has good lift on his kickoffs. So does Andrew.  Between both those two, we have two good kickers.

On Colin Samuel:

I don't know, I'll check.


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