Video: Kennedy Polamalu Talks UCLA Offense

For the first time since taking the UCLA offensive coordinator position, Kennedy Polamalu spoke to reporters about the changes...

If you can't see the video below, try the one below:

Opening statement:

First of all, I want to thank Coach Mora for this opportunity to be a valued staff member for him, to help he and UCLA's football program work together as an offense. We're going to continue the really good things that have happened here the last few years. We'll make sure we work on our fundamentals and our discipline on winning the line of scrimmage and imposing our will. We'll have a balanced offense and to win the Pac-12, I really believe you have to have a balanced offense. And that will open up and stretch the field vertically. We have a pretty good quarterback here, a really experienced staff that has played the game and coached at the highest level. I think I'm the dumbest guy in the room and it gives me an opportunity to grow. It's coming together. I wish we had more spring practice, but the rules are the rules.  But I'm very grateful for this opportunity and I value my role as an assistant coach.

On the offensive line through spring:

I think they're doing well. They're gelling and coming together. They're going through some injuries and pains. I like what Coach Klemm has, they're a very tight group.  One of the hardest things to do as a coach is to drive people off the ball, so we're developing some angles, dropping their pads, and it helps in the pass game, because they don't know if its run or pass. I really like our tackles. Our center is pushing there. They're getting better every day.

On Scott Quessenberry:

I've been around a lot of good centers, and I'd put Scott there, making the calls, technique wise, I like his anchor and weight coming off the ball.  Like every program, you're concerned with the depth.

On Soso Jamabo's progress:

We worked on it, like Nathan, like a lot of high school running backs, when they come out, they run so upright because they've never been hit because they're the best athlete on the field.  The difference from high school to college is how quickly the hole opens and how quickly it closes.  So in high school, the collision never happens so they run straight up.  In college it happens a little faster and in the pros, even faster.  That's something Paul Perkins developed over the years. That strong base and then that burst to get through.  That running back group is pretty good.  And the two new guys coming in, they're pretty good.  We're establishing something here, they're special.  They're learning to compete but also having chemistry. 

On having a fullback in the offense:

Me being a fullback myself, it's good. You always look when putting your group together is the all out guys, the guys who go all out all the time. That's what those guys do, they don't say much, they don't get much glory, they may get a ball on occasion, but those are the guys you need in the room.

On if picked who he wanted at fullback:

I did, I watched Cam run over some players on scout team, and I knew he was a rugby player, so I was working it.  Ainuu's whole family played running back, so I said, hey, you can do it.

On the tight ends:

They're involved, they'll be up there probably 90%, higher than that in the offense. We're going to win the edge.  We'll formation thing that hopefully puts our tight ends on a lesser athlete.  If they do bring a better athlete, we have to be able to pound them. We'll widen the edge and they'll be heavily involved.

On if he plans on the fullback being involved in the running game:

Yes, it's how we learn.  We're teaching them fundamentals.  They're learning the fundamental parts.

On how he conceived of the offense:

We'll continue the good things that have happened here, but I've taken in 20 years, from college to the NFL back to college, a team mindset offense.

On if Josh will have control of the cadence:

He's got it.  Our quarterback will have all of the control.  In the NFL, what comes out of the quarterbacks mouth is final say.  Our quarterback has the final say and that is part of our training, training him all week, so that his is the final say.

On the last quarterback he worked with in that situation:

Probably Kerry Collins at Tennessee, he had a lot of command.  I always felt with wherever I went, I took it, he used to get me offsides and I was the coach. He played 16 something years.  We would like a quarterback to take that command.

On if he's been around a quarterback with that kind of innate sense:

I have.  I've been around guys in the NFL, they were in the film room at 5 in the morning and would stay after practice.  So I've been around that.  But for a college kid, no.  

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