Video: Jim Mora After Monday Practice

Apr. 18 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke with reporters following practice Monday and previewed this weekend's Spring Showcase...

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Opening statement:

I'm really happy with their attitude, their mindset, their work ethic and the progress we're making. A lot of good things.

On DeChaun Holiday:

I think he was just ill. He's really doing a nice job. We're playing him at safety.  He has natural safety ability. He's down to 210, a good weight for him.  He and I talked about receiver last Thursday, but he's making such progress at safety, and to me, he looks like a guy who could play safety. He's long, lean, athletic, has ball awareness. He's picking it up quickly.  We did talk about it, but he's maturing at safety.

On the receiver rotation:

Moving Ish over there really helped us. Austin coming on the way he has helped us.  Theo, being a pleasant surprise early in his career has helped us, and we have some guys coming in.  Alex Van Dyke is coming on, Lasley is, Darren has done well. I don't feel like we need to make that move right now.  The numbers are down, but compared to linebackers, we have a plethora of receivers.  You have Jayon Brown and Cam Judge taking every snap.

On if there is anything to read in Rosen being flushed out:

Good pass rush.  You put pressure on the offense, we're creating pressure situations. We're not changing our play-calling because we're not game planning. We're creating pressure situations.  You can say the coverage is pretty darn good or the rush is darn good.  It was today. The defense had the upper hand. Its the great thing about being the head coach, you cheer for the side that did well.

On Josh Rosen:

I think he's doing well and I think he enjoys it. It forces him and challenges him to learn. Tui does a tremendous job with him and he's on those quarterbacks every single play. I see all those guys making tremendous strides.

On Rosen having more control at line of scrimmage:

Probably more than last year and you can do that when you have a quarterback like Josh. He's smart and can work the game.  You have to do it in practice in order to do that in the game. It gives you an advantage.  

On Ishmael Adams playing a big role on offense:

That would be fair to say. I wouldn't say it was an experiment.  Through 12 practices now, he looks like a guy.  We were looking for someone in the flat who could make a play and that looks like he can do it.

On Mique Juarez getting mental reps:

It's important to get mental reps in film, stand behind the defense, making it look like there are 12 guys on the field.  He needs to see it.

On the spring showcase:

It's going to really be another practice for us. It will be controlled. We'll do some 1on1, we'll move the ball, do some situational stuff. I want them to show the fans we're moving in the right direction, that they're excited to be UCLA football players. It will be more exciting than a regular practice. It should be a lot of fun, get a lot of people out here.

On if a standard spring game would bring value:

Yeah, but here is my concern when you go live. When you're playing in a game, you have 11 UCLA players on the field. When you scrimmage, there are 22 on the field at the same time, so you double your risk for injury and for me, at this point in our development, that's not worth it. We can create those situations we want without having 22 UCLA players at risk of serious injury every play.

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