Video: Adrian Klemm Talks UCLA Offensive Line

Apr. 18 -- UCLA offensive line coach Adrian Klemm broke down his group heading into the final three practices of spring ball, praising the progress of the linemen...

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On the running backs:

I'm the offensive line coach, but I guess our running backs are doing well.

On Scott Quessenberry:

It's really good. He missed the game, we missed him.  It was important to get him in here for the spring, and knock the rust off. He's our center, and he hasn't done anything to change that, and solidified it.

On his group so far:

We're progressing each day. We lack some continuity and guys who have played there for a number of years. Everyone is at different points. We're trying to settle. We're not going to move guys around as much because we're working with tight ends. Once we get more guys here, we'll have more depth and guys will get more rest.

On the guard play:

It's an ongoing deal. We had Poasi out for a little bit, but he was doing well before that. It's new, new to everybody. From a mental standpoint, does it change what we've been doing.  What Sal has been doing in the weight room and what Coach KP has done to help us out, it will be beneficial to us.

On the downhill offense:

There are different things.  Before, it was tougher in pass pro, you had five islands. Now its more precise. Snap count, there are different things on cadence. So its a matter of guys focusing. The better they maintain and comprehend, the less pre-snap issues we have.  There are a number of different things.  The tackles arent used to being in a 3-point stance. It's more important to be on the same level.

On Najee Toran:

In the run game, he has a knack for power.  Pass protection, he struggles a little, just getting the mentality of being aggressive.  That was something he was able to do on defense.  The little things again, that comes from repetition. I'm really pleased with the way he's progressing.

On his tackle tandem:

They can be as good as they want to be. Across the board, we could all be tougher. They can be high at times.  Telling them, they'll go against guys as good or better, so in critical points, you have to drop them. Be physical at the point, not finesse. You have to adjust accordingly. They're learning and doing those things but there are adjustments.

On Connor McDermott returning:

I was excited. I thought he potentially might leave, and then he was the only one who didn't. Caleb might be a second round pick so I'm excited about that. But having Connor at the tackle position solidifies that spot, I don't have to worry. Kolton, got in there early and some quality time, he's getting better and better each day.

On Zach Bateman:

He's not where we want him to be right now.  It's just trusting his technique. Guys want to win, but that won't always happen if you don't trust your technique.  Some days he does it, some days he doesn't. He has to want to compete and challenge himself.  It comes down to technique. There is still a chance for him in the future. He's not where we want him to be, but we're working towards that.

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