Video: Bolu Olorunfunmi Gaining Confidence

Apr. 19 -- UCLA's third running back has been impressive throughout spring practice and spoke to reporters Monday about his progress...

UCLA running back Bolu Olorunfunmi spoke to the media following practice Monday.

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On his biggest strides:

My knee bend, staying low. I was running more high last year.  And probably my ball-catching skills. Last year, I had brick hands and this year I think I'm getting better. Offseason, I made sure catching the ball was one of the things on my list to get better at. Especially knee bend too, with my height, its better for me in the game to bend my knees.

On if he thinks about knee bend during drills:

Trying to make it muscle memory so when you're on the field, you don't think about it.

On the running back competition:

It's a great competition. It's fun running with Soso and Nate Starks. They're great running backs. I learn something from them and hopefully they learn something from me.

On the differences in backs:

Being coached by Coach KP, we all run with the same violence.  Soso is more finesse, Nate is more rugged. We all do the same thing, we run with power.

On how he describes himself:

I think I'm power. I wish I had a little finesse too.

On the new offense:

I love this offense. It's fun. Standing in the backfield behind the quarterback, I get a better view.  I know my blocks, where they'll develop, I can read the defense. Its more fun and a lot easier for me.  Especially vision. You have time back there, a little tempo in your step so you can see the whole field.

On the new number:

I love #4. When it became open, I had to take it.  Anything to get me closer to home, I'll take it. It gives me juice.  Jahvid Best was my idol running back, I watched him as a kid.

On his physical development:

I got a little heavier in a good way. I think I got faster and a lot more quicker. I've been focusing on my get-off and first move. I got a lot more quicker and my feet are more agile.


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