Video: Matt Dickerson Talks Defensive Line

Apr. 19 -- UCLA defensive end Matt Dickerson has had an impressive spring, adjusting well to the changes in the defensive front, and spoke about that Monday...

UCLA defensive end Matt Dickerson spoke to reporters Monday following practice.

If you can't view the video above, try the version below:

On his spring so far:

Everything has been going good so far. Playing the majority at end.  We're adjusting well to the 4-3. The whole defensive line is loving it. I think it feels more natural. There are more guys on the defensive line.  

On what his offseason focus has been:

Really honing down on my technique.  The whole defensive line is getting older. I'm a junior in football years.  There is no wondering what's next, like when we were freshman. It feels good being in the system and knowing what's to come.

On if there was more focus on the weight room:

I don't think it's been a big change this year. It's always been a big part. Coach Alosi is always on us. We're non-stop lifting, winter, spring, fall.  We're implementing new techniques and lifts. After we lift, we're playing ball and working on our techniques.

On Eddie Vanderdoes' return:

He's bigger and he's been here for a while, experienced guy.  Coming in as a veteran will help the team as a whole.

On his pass-rushing:

I'm more of a strong bull-rusher. I'm not going to be like a Takk, coming off the edge, I'm more form-fitting, working on my technique.  It feels good. I'm adapting to it. I feel more confident in my rush as before I didn't. I feel pretty confident right now.

On if there will be some situational 3-tech:

The whole defensive line can play any position. Depending on the scheme or the week, we'll all have to adapt to play all along the line. Coach Angus requires us to know every position, so when he pulls up a play on the board, we know it, and that's a great part of the defense.

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