UCLA LB Cameron Judge Talks New Direction

Apr. 20 -- Senior linebacker Cameron Judge answered questions Wednesday about his changing role, the tweaks in the scheme, and more...

Cameron Judge answered questions from the media after practice Wednesday. 

On spring so far:

It has been going pretty good so far. The first few weeks learning new things has been a good experience. It has been a good time.

On what new things there are:

I'm playing down on the line more than last year, so that's been a change for me.

On playing SAM:

Pretty much but when we have depth issues, I'll play some WILL, but mostly Sam.

On the depth:

It got better today, we had a couple guys come back from injuries. 

On if he opened eyes last year:

I like to think so, but I focus on what I can do and what I can control.

On the scheme difference:

It's not a huge difference, a couple things here and there.

On what they need to do as a defense:

Stop the run, we had some issues with that last year.

On how much they've improved:

I definitely think we've gotten better, but there is room for improvement. We happy to have Eddie back.

On if it helps going against a physical offense:

I think so, I've been thinking that myself.

On his weight:

I'm between 220-225.

On the younger linebackers:

Unfortunately, a couple went down, Lokeni I've seen the most and holding his own. Mique came back today. They all look pretty good and impressive.  We're trying to see how they can help us this year.

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