Theo Howard Talks First Spring at UCLA

Apr. 20 -- UCLA freshman wide receiver Theo Howard talked about his first spring at UCLA and the value of learning the offense this early...

Theo Howard talked after practice today. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On spring so far:

It's going great. Everybody is looking good. Everyone is competing and getting better. It feels good.

On how critical it was for him to get in for spring:

Definitely critical. It's a huge advantage. I'm still learning some plays. Its a big advantage. Everything is going well and I think I'm getting the hang of it.

On the biggest adjustment:

Probably the mental side of everything. Having to come out and competing every day.

On his size:

Right now I'm 180.  I want to gain a couple more pounds, maybe 185, stay there and keep my speed.  I was 172 (senior year).

On what he wanted to accomplish most in spring:

Getting faster and bigger. Coming in, I wanted to gain some pounds and be ready for players more physical than me.

On the connection with Rosen:

Good, as you can see, we're working on the connection.

On what stands out most about Rosen:

Really just his ball placement. He can really get the ball where it needs to be.

On the adjustment to Rosen:

I don't know, I don't really have an answer for that.

On how he's been dealing with more physical guys:

I think I'm definitely doing fine. I'll get bigger as off-season goes with Coach Alosi.  Coach Alosi is a good coach and everyone is working hard with each other.

On the message on competing for a starting job:

I think the competition is still going right now.  

On if he's learned from any veterans:

Everybody. I work a lot with Eldridge and Kenny.  They say watch film, stay in the film room.  

On who wins in a race with Kenny Walker:

I have no idea, Kenny has some speed.

On his relationship with Jordan Payton:

I've known him since I went to Oaks Christian. It wasn't that close, but since I came to UCLA, we've talked more.  I picked up his technique, whenever I watched him, he's really sneaky in how he moves on guys.  How he gets past them. That's the biggest thing.


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