Josh Woods Talks About Offseason Gains

Apr. 21 -- UCLA linebacker Josh Woods talked about making big weight gains this offseason...

Josh Woods talked after practice this week. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On getting back out to practice:

Definitely grateful to finally getting back to plays. A little rusty.  Trust the coaches.

On goals he wanted to achieve in spring:

Compete and get better. That's what I wanted to do this offseason. I wanted to put on size, always watching film with Scott White.   Wanted to learn.

On what he wanted to improve:

Definitely strength. When I first came in, I was small. Picking up concepts, rather than just being an athlete.

On his size:

I'm at 235 now.  Of course I want to put on more, but I want to carry it with the same speed.

On which spot he's playing:

Right now, I'm playing WILL but I know the SAM spot.  I'm playing Mike in nickel and dime.  Scott White is trying to get me to learn anything.  He definitely puts a lot on my plate because he challenges me every practice.  He wants me to be the best I can be.  

On what he brings to WILL:

I think me and Jayon have similarities, but we're different. I'm a longer guy, he's more concept. But sideline-to-sideline, there is similarity.

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