Deon Hollins Talks About Position Switch

Apr. 21 -- Deon Hollins talked about the switch to the 4-3 defense and what that means for him...

Deon Hollins talked after practice this week. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On the switch to the 4-3:

It's more my world, more rushing.  We're still putting in a lot of plays. We keep it pretty basic for spring. Probably be an 80-20 deal. 

On if the change affected his offseason:

They have a specific role, so I don't want to overthink things.  I want to be the same player I am.  More technique wise, I want to stay the player I know I can be.  More of a pass-rush specialist.  As different games roll around, depending on who we play, the lineup and matchups are different.  Some games, we want to create the mismatches.

On how he's improved:

I've been working with a lot of specialists.  A lot of technical things. Hand movement, a lot of small things add up to big changes. You add all those up and they lead to big changes.

On who he worked with:

Some guys who are very respected in the game.

On working with the Angus:

It's a whole different world.  Angus was a longtime offensive coach, so his perspective on the offensive line has paid dividends. Reading down and distance, knowing what the coordinator is thinking.  From a handfighting perspective, it's night and day.  It's coach with Coach Bradley, he was a linebacker coach at Penn State, so we get that same perspective.

On if he's dropping much:

As the days go on, and we get more and more plays, that's pretty much a role for me.  We had a pretty good showing today.  As time goes on, it's going to be for me, a 75-25% deal.  Definitely more than last year.

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