Video: Cordell Broadus Talks Football Return

Apr. 21 -- Wide receiver Cordell Broadus spoke to reporters for the first time Thursday since rejoining the UCLA football team...

UCLA wide receiver Cordell Broadus spoke to the media for the first time Thursday since rejoining the football team.

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On being back:

It feels great. Great energy and I’m really glad to be back out here with my teammates. Just getting used to the football schedule and atmosphere here.

On when he decided to come back:

Probably like six months ago. I was watching a game and was so anxious.  I couldn’t even sleep because I was thinking about football so much. I sat down with Coach Mora and we talked for a couple hours and decided that it would be best if I came back to the team.

On the biggest adjustment:

It’s been waking up early for workouts. 5:30 in the morning. I wasn’t used to that because I stopped playing.  I was sleeping in however long I wanted to.

On what he missed most:

The camaraderie in the locker room. I missed relationships.  I missed the instruction.  Most importantly, i missed the love we were getting from the fans, the kids, the community.  

On Josh Rosen:

Josh was real laid back when I made my decision. He was always there for me.  I’m living at his dorm right now, sleeping on his couch until I get my dorm.  He’s been my boy since 8th grade. He’s always been on my side.

On why he quit:

A lot of off the field issues I was going through.  Most important, I’m out here with my teammates and striving to be great everyday.

On what he needs to work on:

Being patient and staying focused.

Oh his routes:

I think they’re phenomenal, but always a lot to work on.

On his workout regiment:

I was working out in the gym, because i have a gym at home, or I’d catch some passes with my friends.

On moving around a bunch:

I wouldn’t say that was a problem. I would say it was more family-oriented.  I was going through a lot of family issues.  My grandmother passed away from Lupus and I wasn’t mentally there.  Trying to keep up with football. You’ve got to be mentally strong and prepared for all the obstacles.  I felt like I wasn’t going to give it my all with everything I was going through.  I decided that I wouldn’t play last year.

On being hit the first time:

It felt good.  I missed it.  I’m just trying to make sure I don’t get popped anymore.

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