Video: Lokeni Toailoa Talks First Spring

Apr. 25 -- UCLA freshman Lokeni Toailoa spoke to reporters for the first time since arriving on campus and broke down his adjustment to college...

Lokeni Toailoa spoke to reporters for the first time since arriving on campus and broke down his adjustment to the college game.

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On the first spring:

It’s going pretty well. I didn’t know what to expect, coming in and being in college.  But it’s definitely been kind of an easy transition in the way of all the resources here.  A lot of the older guys kind of took me under their wing. I’ve been involved with the program, coming and going, for a few years.  I developed relationships with guys like Jayon and Isaako.  Now that I’m officially here, they told me under the wing and shown me in the ropes.  On and off the field, and things like that.

On the biggest things he’s learned:

Time management.  It’s completely different than high school, completely different.  Different workloads.  It’s not impossible, but if you’re taking it seriously, it can kind of get the best of you if you let it. So that’s kind of been the biggest lesson I’ve learned.

On having fellow freshman linebackers:

It definitely helps, because it’s not like i’m the only one going through it.  Breland is my roommate.  We’ll be in the room talking about things that happened during the day.  It definitely helps looking to my left and right and knowing there are guys that are in the same boat as me.  Not that Im just the youngest fish in the pond with the older guys like Jayon.

On how he’s changed physically:

Coach Alosi’s program is different because it’s really broken down to a science.  As opposed to high school where sometimes you’ll just get killed in one day and that’s it for the week.  Here its a gradual thing.  At the beginning of winter workouts, it wasn’t too bad, but once we got to the end, my body started feeling it.  My body has definitely changed.  Number is going up and body fat has been going down, muscle increasing and I’ve been making progress.

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