Video: Freshman J.J. Molson Talks Kicking

Apr. 22 -- Freshman kicker J.J. Molson commented on his move from Canada, his field-goal range and what he has learned from Ka'imi Fairbairn...

UCLA freshman kicker J.J. Molson commented on his move from Canada, his field-goal range and what he has learned from Ka'imi Fairbairn.

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On the first spring:

Its awesome. I don’t have to deal with the winter, so that’s awesome. I haven’t seen snow in four months, sunshine every day. We’ve gotten some good work in, winter workouts are done. Coming back from my injury, working with Willie and Adam Searl. I’ve been feeling pretty good this week.

On his holder:

Probably Adam, he’s taken first reps. We’ll see when Johnny and Austin come in this summer. I know that we’re limited with the guys we travel with, so it might be Austin. We’ll work it out when summer is done and out in San Bernardino. 

On what he tried to accomplish in his first camp:

Trying to give my best every day, compete to the best of my abilities.  Make all my kicks, stay focused.  Not really thinking about the future, but staying in the moment.  The opportunity, very limited people have that opportunity, so I’m blessed to be at this great school, and a great team. I love everyone on this team and it made my transition from Canada to the U.S. very easy.

On his range:

Those field goals are pushed back eight yards, and Monday, I think I hit one 58 in to the wind. This week, I’m 11-for-11. My technique is better and I’m trusting myself. If you stay smooth and natural, and you just let your natural instincts take over, I’m good from 60.

On his connection to the Molson family:

That’s my family. The first Molson that came from England when he was 18 and started Molson Brewery, I’m a direct descendant.  I’m John Molson VIII, so that’s why people call me John Jr.  I like to put that on my essay’s sometime, in Roman numerals.  

On if he likes Bud better than Molson:

I don’t drink beer.

On talking to Kaimi Fairbairn:

I talk to him all the time.  Its not just technique, it’s focusing like it’s a game, treat it like its a game.  Having those situations, I keep a lot better.  I’m more focused.  I’m a lot more relaxed so when I’m in those situations, I treat it like a game.  He tells me to stay relaxed and treat it like a game.

On starting as a freshman:

The Texas A&m stadium, I have that as my background on my computer, so hopefully when I get there, I’ll be familiar with the surroundings. You don’t kick in front of many people in Canada, so I’m looking forward to that.

On being an early enrollee:

In Montreal, I did a year and a half of kind of like a Junior College.  So I’m kind of like a junior college students, so I’m used to the classes we take. It’s been getting used to the California environment.  Getting used to training. 

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