Video: Tom Bradley Talks UCLA Defense

Apr. 24 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about his unit's development, spring practice standouts and summer improvements...

If you can't view the video above, try the version below:

On the spring:

I thought we made progress where we wanted to, especially fundamentally. I thought it was a productive spring and got a lot done.

On having the fans there:

The kids like it better. Today was a very vanilla day, we lined up in our base stuff.  We kept it pretty tight to the vest today and just played football.

On if it being on TV contributed to that:

A little bit. When its on TV, why would you do that?  To be honest, if you're not good with your base stuff, it will be a long year.

On Takk McKinley:

He's had a good spring.  A lot of it is why is he doing what he's doing.  He's playing faster.  I think he was a little scared today when I got him from behind, just kidding. He's had an excellent spring and had a dominant edge pressure.

On who he compares to:

I don't like to compare guys, I don't think its fair. Each guy is unique in his own way.

On Charles Dawson:

He did good.  Our guys are getting better.  One side gives, the other side takes.  He did o.k.

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