Video: Conor McDermott Talks Spring Showcase

Apr. 24 -- Starting offensive tackle Conor McDermott discussed his spring performance following UCLA's showcase event Saturday...

If you can't view the video above, try the version below:

On the spring:

I think it was a great spring. We all worked hard and got better each day.  

On the new linemen:

They're just a little young, getting the hang of it, working on their technique.  I can't wait to see them this fall.  

On being a more power offense:

It feels different being in power, some different concepts here, but we'll attack it.

On the biggest change for him:

The most is the tackles are in a 3-point stance more than in a 2.  We'll be great, and I'm excited.

On if he's working on flexibility:

I'm doing yoga, but its hard.  This offense is fun.

On Takk McKinley:

He comes with power and speed and we're making each other better every day.  His power, he's always had the speed, but I noticed the first week how much more powerful he was.

On Josh Rosen's improvements:

He's improved tremendously in reading, decision making with the ball.

On how he feels:

I'm doing great, just making sure I stay healthy and focusing on the season and end of spring ball.

On what's next:

Rest, get some sleep in, enjoy the break, then work on the technique and get ready for the fall.

On the decision to return for his senior year:

I think it's gone great, I'm very happy with my decision.  Be better and stronger, and have a better draft class next year, but it was about coming back to be with my teammates and Coach Mora. I thought for a long time, I didn't want to do it until after the bowl game, but I flew home to Nashville and talked with my family and made the decision to stay.


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