Video: Eldridge Massington Talks UCLA Spring

Apr. 25 -- UCLA wide receiver Eldridge Massington broke down his spring and provided insight on the feedback he requests from defensive backs...

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On how he felt:

I felt great.  I had fun.  Ran by the DBs. Talked a little trash. Today was a good day.

On if he improved in the last week:

I think each day I focused on something and went out and executed.  I felt like I needed to be better and Coach Yarbs had me working on things.  Today, I had fun.  

On the offense:

I love the offense, I don't feel like nothing is new.  I run routes and make plays.

On the receiver competition:

We just go out and compete every day and get better with each other. We don't look at it as we fill holes or replace anybody, we just go out and get better each day.

On leadership:

I try to lead the young guys as best as I can, show them mistakes I've made. 

On the lessons he's given Theo Howard:

Just to play.  Go out and do what he did in high school. Sometimes the game can get big, I tell him to go out and stay relaxed.  Take it one play at a time. I tell him to calm down and take it one play at a time.

On Ish Adams:

Ish, it's been great having him over there. Normally he's on the other side, arguing and fighting. Now we're together. He's helped me get better.  We talk about who will make the most plays and the most explosives. He's a better WR than DB to me.  He's so explosive with the ball in his hands. Probably the most explosive on this team.

On if he thinks Ish will stay at receiver:

I can see him at both. He still has the DB skills.

On which DB's impressed him:

All of them were competing. Denzel, Nate, Randall. Denzel and Nate was who I matched up again. Denzel is using his feet more and has a lot more confidence with his feet. That really helped him out a lot. We need him to bring it to the fall.

On how much he talks with the DBs:

Every day. I had a play today that RG broke so I asked what I did that made an indicator for him to break off the route. Every day I ask them and Coach Meat and try to counter it.

On Kenny Walker:

Confidence. It's gotten way better. We catch every day. We catch 600-700 balls every day.  We throw the ball, walk around campus, throw the ball. Little stuff like that.  

On Josh Rosen as a leader:

He was a leader last year. He's playing more vocal this year.

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