Nation's No. 1 Prospect Najee Harris Talks Spring Visit to UCLA

The nation's No. 1 prospect, Antioch (Calif.) running back Najee Harris talked about spring trips he's taken to Washington, Ohio State and UCLA...

Antioch (Calif.) running back Najee Harris, the No. 1 prospect in the 2017 class, remains committed to Alabama.

But the spring took him on unofficial visits to Ohio StateWashington and UCLA.

Harris got out to Columbus for the Buckeyes' Spring Game and was blown away by the fan support at their spring game.

"That was crazy, that was the most people I've ever seen at a game, and that was for the spring game," said Harris.  "But it was actually an awesome trip, I liked it a lot."

Harris got to talk with the Buckeye coaches and they left a big impression.

"Coach (Tony) Alford is the main recruiter and I talked to him and he's cool, but Urban Meyer, he's great," said Harris.  "I liked him a lot and he's really cool.  Really fun."

Harris checked out Washington in early April and said he had a good time there.

"Washington was cool," said Harris.  "It was different.  The weather was nice that weekend I was up there.  Coach (Keith) Bhonapha and Coach Pete (Chris Petersen).  It was a good trip. It was nice up there"

He's been to UCLA a number of times and was on campus when spring ball got rolling.

"That place is really nice," said Harris. "I actually hadn't really toured the campus so I checked it out more.  It's real nice.  Coach (Jim) Mora and Coach Angus (McClure), they're really cool guys.  And Coach KP (Kennedy Polamalu) he's primarily recruiting me.  Pretty much the whole staff there is.  But I liked it a lot."

Alabama remains the school he's committed to and he wants to get down there in June.

"It's the same as it has been with Alabama," said Harris.  "I'm still committed there.  I think I'm going back out there on June 4th and I might go to their camp.  Coach (Burton) Burns is coming out this spring to see me.  Tosh (Lupoi) might be too, but Coach Burns is for sure."

USC continues to make a push for Harris.

"Yeah, I'm still interested in them some," said Harris.  "They were going heavy on me, but I told them I'm not that type of recruit who needs to get called or talked to all the time, so they've backed it down a little, but I'm still interested and they're still recruiting me."

In fact, Harris is a pretty unique recruit, especially for the No. 1 prospect nationally.  He doesn't like doing many interviews, he's off social media and he's pretty laid back.

"I know when coaches recruit you like that, it all changes when you get to school and it's not like that," said Harris.  "I don't need all the attention since it won't be like that when I get there so just be real with me."

What Harris does like, though, about the recruiting process is the attention it brings to Antioch and his teammates.

"I like when coaches come to see my teammates more," said Harris.  "Coaches tell me they'll come but I want them to see the guys on my team."

Harris said that Michigan has told him they plan to get out west in the spring along with Alabama, Ohio State, UCLA, USC and several more.

The U.S. Army All-American will be at The Opening Oakland next month where he's aiming for a second straight invite to The Opening Finals.

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