Stanback is Quarterback Target

Isaiah Stanback, from Washington, is the new breed of quarterback that can both run and throw. He has two leaders and says there are three schools he'll definitely visit...

Isaiah Stanback, 6-3, 190, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield, is a prospect that many college coaches have been recruiting as an "athlete." But with the shift in college and pro football to more mobile quarterbacks who are able to run with the ball, Stanback is getting recruited as a quarterback by many schools, including UCLA.

"Most schools are recruiting me as a quarterback," Stanback said. "I want to play anywhere, but I think I'll be able to play quarterback in college."

In his first game this season, Stanback was 18 of 34 for 280 yards and three touchdowns, while also running for 50 yards.

Since college coaches have been able to call, Stanback said he's received calls from about seven schools that he's considering.

"Right now, my top two are Washington and USC," Stanback said. "But I'm also considering UCLA, Oregon, San Diego State, Purdue, Washington State and Nebraska."

Why Washington and USC? "They're both great programs with great traditions. Everything I need is there. And they're recruiting me the hardest. USC has been on me." Stanback did also say, though, that he's always liked Arizona State, but they're not recruiting him very hard. "If they offered, Arizona State would move up. UCLA is probably third right now."

Stanback, who went to the Washington/Michigan game, said that he'll definitely officially visit Washington, USC and UCLA, and wants to get it done fairly quickly. "We'll hopefully be in the playoffs, so I'll be able to start taking trips in November, at the earliest. Then I'll commit pretty quickly after I take my trips. Hopefully in December, and by January."

Stanback said that more than likely he's also going to visit Purdue, and then either Nebraska or Washington State will get his last visit.

When asked if Washington could be his outright leader, Stanback said, "Probably a little bit, but it's still up in the air."

Stanback said that, while staying close isn't a factor, he doesn't anticipate he'll go too far. "My parents want me to stay close, but it won't really have a big impact on my decision. I'm pretty sure I wont' go too far away from home. I'm not going to go across the country. I have family in a lot of areas, spread out all over the west coast, and in southern California, so that would make it easier. But even if I went to Washington, it wouldn't be like I was too close, I wouldn't be around my family that often anyway."

Stanback is looking for good academics, specifically a strong business marketing and management program. He said what also matters to him is "the team, the quarterback position, their depth chart. I'd like to come in and play early. I'd like to get in there and make an immediate impact."

Stanback said he has a 3.0 GPA and will re-take the SAT this fall.

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