4-star TE Jimmy Jaggers Visits Pac-12 Trio

May 12 -- Roseville (Calif.) four-star tight end Jimmy Jaggers visited three Pac-12 schools this spring, including UCLA...

Roseville (Calif.) four-star tight end Jimmy Jaggers has visited three Pac-12 schools so far this spring.


"I've gone to WashingtonUSC and UCLA," said Jaggers.  "I actually hadn't gone to many places, just those three.  But in mid-June, I'll be going down to the South and then the East Coast, schools further away from home.  Florida and LSU are schools that I'll for sure visit."

The Pac-12 trio have been recruiting Jaggers the hardest along with Texas A&M, Florida and LSU.

The visits to the three Pac-12 schools gave him some good insight.

Washington had Jaggers on campus during the spring, a return visit to Seattle.

"I liked it up at Washington, it's always a really genuine feel and always a good trip," said Jaggers.  "They always bring out the red carpet and make it the best trip and definitely worthwhile.  Coach (Jordan) Paopao is who I'm being recruited by but Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) spends a lot of time recruiting me.  He's a really good guy and we have a really good connection."

Jaggers then went to USC.

"I really liked it at USC, this time around it was a little different because when I went, I had the offer," said Jaggers. "We got to spend time and go to spring practice and I talked to Coach (John) Baxter a little and spent a lot of time with Coach (Clay) Helton.  We talked for a half hour about where I would fit.  It was really the first time I sat down with the coaches and got familiar with them."

His last stop of the spring was to UCLA for their spring showcase.

"I had gone last year for some spring practices, and then this year I went for the spring game," said Jaggers.  "I talked to Coach Rip (Scherer) most of the time and then I talked to Coach (Jim) Mora for a little bit.  I'm getting recruited a fair share between Rip and Coach Angus (McClure)."

Jaggers said after his summer visits he wants to trim his list but doesn't have a deadline for a decision.

"I'll have any more crucial visits in the summer and then I'm going to definitely get a hard list down after all of those trips, after seeing schools I haven't seen.  Then I'll go from there and I'll get to that top five."

Jaggers doesn't anticipate taking all five visits.

"I don't think I need to take all of the visits," said Jaggers.  "It's enjoyable and a once in a lifetime opportunity but it's getting a little hectic."

Jaggers will be at The Opening Oakland later this month then would like to camp with a couple of the schools he's still strongly considering.

"I'm going to try and hit a couple of those camps so I can try and kind of get familiar with the coaches," said Jaggers.

Last week, Texas A&M and LSU checked out Jaggers at Roseville and this week, USC and UCLA will be stopping by.

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