QB Matt Moore is Headed to UCLA

Just a week ago, we talked with Hart (Calif.) quarterback Matt Moore who said he was planning to go through the recruiting process and had no plans to commit early no matter who offered him. But after an offer from UCLA, Moore has made his college choice...

"I committed today to UCLA," Moore said. "I went to their practice and after it was over, Coach Toledo told me to stick around and said he wanted to talk to me. Me and my dad went into his office and he told me they liked me and were offering me a scholarship. He asked what I thought and I told him that I wanted to commit.

"I think he was surprised but he was real excited too. I know I said I wanted to go through the recruiting process but I've always wanted to go to UCLA. It's my dream school and I knew there was no reason for me to wait when this is the place I've always wanted to be. The past few days, I've been talking with my dad about it and I said if UCLA offered me, I was going to take it."

As we said a week ago, Moore is an incredible talent with as much upside as any quarterback on the west. He just needs game experience but the physical tools -- gream arm strength, athletic ability, nice touch and toughness -- are all there.

A week ago, Moore proved how tough he was as he took a pounding against a physical Banning team but kept getting back up and never shied way from contact or showed any happy feet in the pocket.

"That game was crazy," Moore said. "It didn't even feel like a football game it was more like a fight. I knew it was going to be physical but after the body slam and then the spear, I started thinking this was ridiculous. I was hoping my first varsity start would be a little better than that, but I'm glad we won and I guess I did enough to get offered by UCLA so that's good."

The timing of the offer to Moore is interesting. The Bruins plan on bringing in two quarterbacks this year and offered in-state signal callers Ben Olson, Trent Edwards and Drew Olson last spring. Both Ben Olson and Edwards appear to be far away from making a decision, but it wouldn't be surprising if the commitment of Moore pushed Drew Olson into making a decision.

We've always felt the major thing holding back Drew Olson from committing to UCLA was he wanted to wait and see what Ben did. If Ben committed to UCLA, that might push Drew elsewhere. Now with Moore committing and just one more spot open for a quarterback, we wouldn't be surprised if Drew did go ahead and commit in the next month or so.

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