Josh Rosen Comments on NCAA After UA Deal

May 24 -- UCLA and Under Armour signed a 15-year, $280 million shoe and apparel deal today. But while many are excited about the deal, Josh Rosen doesn't appreciate the lack of compensation for players...

College athletics programs are always competing, and the UCLA Bruins just got a huge victory by signing the biggest shoe and apparel deal in NCAA history. UCLA and Under Armour reportedly signed a 15-year, 280-million dollar contract, topping other recent deals made by Nike.

But while school officials are excited about the partnership, one of the student-athletes used it to talk about another subject. Upon hearing the news, star quarterback Josh Rosen Instagrammed an infographic about the mega deal, while also saying, “we’re still amateurs though…gotta love non profits. #NCAA”

Rosen also took to Twitter, and retweeted someone who said Josh Rosen will get zero dollars from UCLA’s record deal. Rosen is expected to be the number one pick in the 2018 draft, but, until then, he is unable to make any money off his talents.

Posts like this from successful student-athletes will only continue to drive the debate about whether student-athletes should be compensated for the revenue they generate for the schools.


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