Exclusive: Details of the UCLA/UA Deal

May 25 -- Bruin Report Online has the first exclusive details of the record-setting apparel deal with Under Armour that UCLA announced Tuesday...

UCLA has struck an unprecedented and record-setting deal with Under Armour to be its new apparel and shoe supplier, starting in July 2017.

Here are some details of the deal:

• Total Deal: $280 million over 15 years (which is $18.7 million per year)

• Term: July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2032

• Initial Bonus: $15,000,000 payable on day one of contract

• Rights Fee: $9,000,000 cash annually; or $135,000,000 total

• Football Performance Bonuses: 

-- $500,000 for winning national championship

-- $300,000 for playing in national championship game

-- $250,000 for playing in national semi-final

-- $150,000 for New Year's Day Bowl game

-- $50,000 for bowl game

-- $10,000 for conference championship

• Men's Basketball Performance Bonuses:

-- $200,000 for winning national championship

-- $150,000 for playing in national championship game

-- $100,000 for playing in Final Four

-- $75,000 for Elite Eight

-- $50,000 for Sweet 16

-- $25,000 for second round

-- $15,000 for first round

-- $75,000 for winning conference tournament championship

-- $35,000 winning regular season conference championship

• Other Bonuses: 

-- Success/titles for women's basketball, baseball and other teams in conference/post-season

-- head coach winning coach of the year

-- Director's Cup

• Marketing: $1,000,000 annually to support marketing of teams, or $15,000,000 total

• Book Store/Pauley Store: $150,000 to upgrade Book Store and/or Pauley Store

• Facilities Rebranding: $1,000,000 in year one and $1,000,000 in year eight to enhance athletics facilities branding as well as complimentary access to UA creative teams to design enhancements, or $2,000,000 total

Dan Guerrero and Kevin Plank

• Product: $112,850,000 in product over the term, to be used to outfit UCLA's teams for training, competition and travel. Anything UA doesn't make that UCLA requires they will buy, and UCLA has 100% autonomy on look, feel and design of all uniforms, including having 100% autonomy to ensure all products provided meet or exceed industry standards

• On Site Representative:  UA will provide an on-site rep to service UCLA exclusively

• Internships:  UA will hire (4) UCLA students annualy as interns at UA

• Retail: UA must open at least two retail stores in Los Angeles by 2019, with one in West Los Angeles (Santa Monica or Century City). Additionally, retail stories in Chicago, New York (might be FAO Schwartz, since UA bought it). Over 200 stores planned in Asia and internationally to feature UCLA apparel

• Other: UCLA student-athletes will be provided product to test prior going to market. Student-athletes will have access to their connected health fitness systems (UA Healthbox.) UCLA is not required to use UA balls if not up to UCLA standards, and UCLA is allowed to have separate deal with Easton for softball and baseball

• Royalty Revenue Not Included

Royalties are not included in the total $280,000,000, which means UCLA will generate additional revenue through the deal in terms of royalties. UCLA athletics doesn't control royalty revenue, but ASUCLA does (athletics gets a small percentage).  The extra royalty revenue will benefit ASUCLA and the student body.  This is unique among recent big apparel deals; The deal for Ohio State, for example, includes royalties, and that could be $25-50 million of their $250 million deal. 


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