Jake Raulerson Won't Be Coming to UCLA

June 8 -- The offensive line graduate transfer from Texas, Jake Raulerson, won't be transferring to UCLA after a snafu in the transfer process...

Texas graduate transfer Jake Raulerson was expected to be at UCLA this fall, but that won't happen, according to sources.

Raulerson, who graduated from Texas in three years and had the capability to transfer and play for two remaining years under the NCAA graduate transfer rule, verbally committed to UCLA last winter. 

Having started some games at center for Texas, he was expected to provide some much-needed help on UCLA's thin offensive line for 2016. 

Raulerson applied for admission to both the MBA and Masters in Applied Economics programs at UCLA. He was given assurances that, if he wasn't admitted into the MBA program, he would have a spot in the MAE program.  

He was subsequently turned down for both programs this spring. 

He was then offered a spot in the Masters of Education program, with the chance at internships in Los Angeles, but Raulerson, according to sources, wasn't comfortable with that option. 

Raulerson wants to pursue a career in sports management. 

Since it's so late in the process, Raulerson finds himself without spots available at many of the schools he was considering last winter.  Even though he was told he'd be accepted into graduate programs at Stanford, Michigan and North Carolina, it appears that there aren't spots open for the graduate transfer at this late date. Raulerson, more than likely, will end up staying locally and enroll in the MBA program at SMU. 

For more details on how the Raulerson situation transpired, go to this forum post by Tracy Pierson on the BRO Premium Football Forum.

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