UCLA and Mora Change Uniforms for 2016

June 21 -- UCLA and Jim Mora have made some key changes to UCLA's football uniforms for the 2016 season, emphasizing not only the shoulder stripes but the cut and fit...

UCLA's football uniforms will again have changes made for the 2016 season, according to sources.

Functionally, the jersey will have more flexibility in terms of its cut, customizable by a player's position or preference.

Aesthetically, the uniform will return to some elements that are in line with UCLA's uniform tradition.

According to sources, Head Coach Jim Mora made a considerable personal effort to get these changes done, to both satisfy his players and the fans.  He engaged an independent manufacturer to design the jersey to make both the functional and aesthetic changes. 

For instance, quarterback Josh Rosen would be able to get more flexibility in the throwing shoulder of his jersey, or an offensive lineman could get a looser fit around the jersey's torso, if he preferred.

From the standpoint of how the uniform looks, Mora took it upon himself to institute changes he knows the fans have wanted for a while.  There has been a long-raging controversy over the shoulder stripes on UCLA's jerseys. Every new version Adidas produced in recent years didn't get UCLA's tradtional shoulder stripes quite correct, with the stripe too high on the shoulder and ending in the jersey's chest area.  The new shoulder stripes will return to being on the outer shoulder, and wrap all the way under the arm, like UCLA's uniforms did traditionally.

The "Spider-Man" webbing on the jersey from last season is gone, with the home look returning to a cleaner, traditional appeal.  The blue is a bit softer than in recent Adidas jerseys, more in line with UCLA's true blue.  The player's number will be put back on the shoulder, and the block number font is the one most used by UCLA teams in the past (Yes, the block number has been used more often than the Clarendon font). The home uniform, too, will include pants that are little bit of a shinier gold. 


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