The Opening Evaluation: WR Joseph Lewis

July 18 -- Los Angeles (Calif.) Hawkins five-star receiver Joseph Lewis made a big statement at The Opening Finals, earning all-tournament honors and backing up his No. 1 ranking...

Evaluation Notes:

Los Angeles (Calif.) Hawkins five-star receiver Joseph Lewis (6-2, 204) is the No. 1 prospect in the 2017 class nationally.

Lewis is still a bit raw but has upside off the charts. He won't be 18 until a month until his freshman year in college but already looks like he can play at the next level. He's not ridiculously fast, and he won't blow by you with his speed, but he's plenty fast and his combination of size and speed make college coaches drool over him as a prospect.

We've been watching Lewis since he was a freshman and he's gotten bigger and better each year. He can go up and get the ball, has tremendous body control and he's difficult to jam at the line of scrimmage. As he continues to develop, he will be a big time prospect in college.

Playing opposite 2018 five-star Jalen Hall, the duo will be a pick your poison to cover and defend for prep corners.

Recruiting Notes:

Lewis is looking largely at out of state schools like Nebraska, Arizona, Oregon and Oklahoma, with visits set to Nebraska and Oklahoma, and he's also looking at the two hometown schools, USC and UCLA.

John Garcia Jr.:’s out here at The Opening finals. That’s National Recruiting Analyst, Brandon Huffman. I’m John Garcia Jr. Let’s talk about the #1 guy, not only in your region amongst receivers, but in the country—Joseph Lewis. What have you seen from him? What’s the upside?

Brandon Huffman:

You know, we’ve been watching Joseph since he was a freshman in high school and started getting offers. Out of Hawkins High School, which at that time was a very new school. Now they have the #1 receiver in 2017, and Joseph Lewis, the #1 receiver in 2018. And Jalen Hall…interestingly enough, Jalen Hall is a couple weeks older than Joseph Lewis. So Joseph Lewis won’t even be 18 until about four games into his freshman year of college. And that’s what’s so scary about him—it’s that he is young for his grade, and his incredible upside is off the charts. He’s a very good athlete. He can jump; he can run; he can catch. He’s physical at the line of scrimmage. You know, we’ve compared Jalen Hall to Keyshawn Johnson a little bit, and that’s probably a good comparison for Joseph Lewis, as well. Very similar games. He might be a little quicker than Keyshawn was, especially at that stage, but in terms of what he can bring to the table, he’s going to continue to develop. You know, Jalen Hall may be the best receiver to come out of LA, but that’s only because he’s arguing with Joseph Lewis—a pretty good 1-2 punch. But Lewis—the upside for him is scary. He’s already showing right now just how productive of a receiver he could be.

John Garcia Jr.:

A lot of five-star receivers to come out of California. Joseph Lewis—the next in line.

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