The Opening Evaluation: 5-Star CB Lamont Wade

July 15 -- Five-star cornerback Lamont Wade set three officials, and Scout breaks down why the physical, athlete prospect is so highly coveted...

Evaluation Notes: No. 3 cornerback Lamont Wade, a five-star prospect from Clairton (Pa.) High, already set three official visits (click insert story for dates).

But when he was at The Opening Finals at Nike headquarters, it was all about competing, and he did it well. (Full evaluation in video at top of page.)

He competed hard, showed leadership, was aggressive with jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage and showed he can run with receivers across the field, and down the field. He also tracked the ball well.

Recruiting Update: Wade made a recent visit to Alabama and he is set to visit GeorgiaTennesseeOhio StatePenn State and UCLA in the next month. He also set official visits for Tennessee, UCLA and Alabama.

Amy Campbell:

Amy Campbell here with Scout National Recruiting Analyst, Brian Dohn, at the opening, evaluating five-star cornerback, Lamont Wade. Very impressive prospect. Brian, what do you like about him?

Brian Dohn:

This is a kid I’ve known since his freshman year. There is so much to enjoy about watching him play. And the first thing is—and it comes across in the 7-on-7—this kid competes. He’s playing cornerback. His offense needs a lift. They lose their first game—shoot, it was 33-nothing when I looked—and what’s Lamont Wade doing? He’s sitting there behind his offense, encouraging them: “Hey, let’s get this. Let’s get this.” They wind up winning that next game. But beyond just the ability to compete—he’s physical. He will jam you at the line of scrimmage, and even if you get a release off of him and you’re semi-clean, which doesn’t happen often, he is a kid that will be able to catch up to you in a heartbeat. He is so quick in and out of breaks. He tracks the ball well. I’ve watched him chase receivers across the field on crossing patterns, going deep on them. Boy, there is so much to like about Lamont Wade.

Amy Campbell:

Well, you’ve known him for a long time. What kind of energy does he bring to the field?

Brian Dohn:

Incredible energy. You see it out here, you know, when he’s just trying to get his team hyped. I saw it in person at Heinz Field. You know, I’m sitting there, and who’s getting his team hyped for the championship game? Lamont Wade’s in the middle. He was talking for about fifteen minutes. This is a kid that will make teams better because of the energy he will bring. And in college, to be honest, this is a kid that will go in and play as a true freshman. He’s physical enough; he’s talented enough; and he’s smart enough. And if he doesn’t play as a freshman, he’s not gonna be happy. And I don’t mean he’s gonna bring everybody down—he’s gonna fight and fight and fight until he’s on that field. This is a kid that will make you better the instant he steps into your program because of the energy he brings.

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