Pac-12 Student Ticket Prices: Who Pays Most?

July 20 -- All student sections aren't created equal in the Pac-12. In fact, the most expensive student ticket in the conference is almost twice the price of the second-most expensive...

College football season is right around the corner, and students are eager to return to their teams' student sections. However, before they can attend the games, students from some schools will have to pay hundreds of dollars in order to receive student section tickets, while others won't have to pay anything beyond their tuition.

Ranging from Utah's $50 student season ticket package to Oregon's whopping $367 package (as of 2015), there's a notable disparity between some of the prices that students have to pay.

After Oregon, USC and Arizona have the next most expensive student tickets in the Pac-12. USC's season package costs $185, while Arizona's costs $175.

Several FBS schools include the cost of football tickets in students' tuition. Pac-12 schools such as Arizona State, Oregon State, and Stanford fall under this category.

Some schools, such as Oregon, haven't officially announced the 2016-17 ticket prices. Other schools, such as Colorado, bundle football and basketball tickets together. Thus, Colorado's $99 tickets for football and basketball tickets are a better value than California's $99 tickets for only football tickets.

You can see the full list below.

Check out how the Pac-12 compares to other conferences when it comes to student ticket prices:


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