Moore: Could "Think About" Transferring

Sophomore quarterback <b>Matt Moore</b>, coming off a very good day at practice, responds to the question of possibly transferring if he doesn't win the starting job, and how far he's come since spring practice...

BRO spoke with Matt Moore at the conclusion of the first practice at Cal State Fullerton Saturday.

You looked like you had a good day. Did you feel good today?

"I did feel good. A little off with the receivers. We're still working it out. But that will work out in meetings, too. We'll figure it out. But yeah, I think I did pretty well."

In the one-on-ones you looked like you were in a groove...

"So much of that is timing, too, and reading the coverage. So as long we're on the same page, the receiver looks good and hopefully I look good, too."

How far have you come since spring practice?

"A long ways. In spring I was just kind of taking stabs in the dark half the time. Now, knowing so much more, I'm pretty comfortable with knowing the offense. Just that in itself brings out my ability even more. I think I've gone two steps up."

How much of offense do you know? Of the 25% the coaches say they've installed.

"Out of that 25%, I probably have 90% of it down. And that other 10% we only use in special situations."

So that's would be 90% of the 25%?

"Yes. I'm really comfortable with that 25%. But we won't put in 100% of our offense to face Colorado. We'll put it what we need and go from there. And this is pretty much it. There will probably be a few more passes and runs, but I know it's not going to be that much more, and I'm comfortable with what we have right now."

The quarterback is more mobile in this offense than in the offense of last coaching staff. Do you welcome that?

"Yes, that's awesome. Not only with just pocket movement, but with roll-outs, play-action, everything. I think it showcases the athletes we have on this team, too. I think it's good for everybody."

You've always had a strong arm. But in spring, it seemed like you got into a little funk in your throw a bit. But now, you look like you have that strong, sharp ball back...

"Spring practice is kind of hard to explain. I just wasn't in the zone, compared to where I was in high school or where I am now."

Why was that?

Honestly I don't know. I was just kind of in a funk. I had a bad day, and my attitude then didn't change. It wasn't a good time, spring ball. But I learned what I had to, and I carried all that over to the summer, and now I feel good."

Playing your true freshman year, how valuable was that experience?

"Now, it's huge. Last year, I was kind of tentative, about whether certain things were good decisions. But now, having that experience, it's huge because jumping in here with the lineman I know what I'm doing. If I didn't have last year, getting up to the speed, you'd be completely lost. Last year I had to do it quick. But coming in this year with the quarterback situation, last year's experience is huge."

Will it give you so much more confidence when you play in an actual game?

"I'm still going to be nervous. I was nervous in Pop Warner. But it gives you huge confidence if you've done it before. It's a lot of stress off your back. You just feel like you belong there. You're in it, and everything is working. Last year, I was kind of afraid of something going wrong. But this year, you're locked in and everything's fine."

If you don't win the starting position, would you consider transferring?

"I don't know. I want to play. I feel I have the ability to play Division I football. So, I'd think about it."

If you weren't named the starter, would you think about redshirting at UCLA?

"No. Because that doesn't make too much sense. I'd redshirt when I would transfer and then I'd have that many years to start there, hopefully. Here I'd be sitting behind him and I'd have one year to start? But I don't want to think about it really."

Would you be okay with platooning?

"That'd be fine. Any playing time whatsover is good. Like last year. Actually that wasn't a normal season for any player. I loved it, though. I got in and got to play. If that happened this year, if both of us played, whatever, that's fine. I'm just going to try to shine in the moments I have."

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