Football Recruits: How They're Doing

Here's an update on how some of UCLA's football recruiting targets have done so far early in their high school football season...

Ben Olson, QB, Thousand Oaks. Has started out pretty slow in his first two games, both defeats. He threw for 163 yards in his first game, one TD and had an interception. In his second, Friday night against Buena, he threw for 170 yards on 11 of 30 and had an interception. In the last three minutes or so he connected for a 62-yard TD, which made his passing stats look a little better. At one point in the game, he was 3 of 17. He fumbled once, and was sacked a few times. He appears to be nervous, and struggling to find his receivers (who, admittedly, aren't getting very open), while also not having a good feel for when to throw and when to run. Olson started out slowly last year also but then finished the year on a tear.

Lorenzo Booker, RB, Bonaventure. In his first two game he ran for approximately 300 yards. His game Friday night against Hart was cancelled.

Matt Moore, QB, Hart. More was 8 for 20 for 96 yards and one interception in his first start ever against Banning. Banning, though, was called for numerous personal fouls as they hit Moore after the whistle and away from the play. Moore looked shaky and tentative, but very athletic, being able to run well and throw well on the run.

Matt Guitierrez, QB, De La Salle. He threw for 113 yards, one touchdown and one interception, on 8 for 13. He looked like he was pushing the ball a bit, possibly still thinking about his wrist, and only really opened up his throwing motion a few times during the game.

Joe Garcia, CB, Los Alamitos. In the first game of the year against El Modena, Garcia only came within 10 yards of the ball twice. The first time was returning a kick, which he did and scored on a 90-yard touchdown. The second was the only time El Modena threw his way, and Garcia intercepted the pass. In his second game against Santa Margarita, Garcia was also utilized as a running back and looked very good.

Marcedes Lewis, TE/DE, Long Beach Poly. Lewis looked like the best player on the field in Poly's first game, a romp against Westchester. He caught two passes for 56 yards as a tight end and slot receiver, but then looked dominating being used in a few situations at defensive end. He had two sacks, three tackles behind the line of scrimmage, and was too big, fast and strong for the Westchester blockers to contain. He did all this playing only halfway through the third quarter.

Fred Matua, OL/DL, Banning. Matua looked physically dominating playing OL for Banning, pancaking the Hart DL, and having his way with Chris Frome, the DE/DT who is committed to Notre Dame. Matua was thrown out of the game (like a few other Banning teamates) for a personal foul, but he appealed it this week and it was overthrown. So, he will play in Banning's next game. This is a guy that you want on your team, pounding people into the ground.

Ricky Miller, RB/LB, Tustin. Ran for 177 yards on only 18 carries. He played very sparingly on defense, but looked physically dominating at running back.

Rhema McKnight, WR, Kennedy. McKnight is being used as a quarterback for his team, and he ran for 132 yards on 13 carries two weeks ago.

Hershel Dennis, RB, Long Beach Poly. Dennis looked like how Dennis always looks, fast and elusive, in Poly's win against Banning. He ran for 126 yards on 21 carries.

Glenn Ohaeri, RB/DB, Aquinas. Ohaeri looked like what he's now being billed as Friday night, one of the best players in California. He ran for 251 yards on 33 carries and two touchdowns in a loss against Ontario Christian.

Justin London, LB, Northside. Has recorded 23 tackles in two games and two sacks.

Curtis Justus, TE/DE, In his first game, he caught four passes for about 70 yards. On defense, he had 9 sacks (in one game).


Aaron Ware, FR RB, Oaks Christian. Ware is leading the CIF Southern Section in rushing, totaling 590 yards in three games, and has scored 6 TDs. Yes, he's gained the yards against some pretty weak comptition, but take also into consideration this is a freshman playing varsity football.

John David Booty, SO QB, Evangel Christian. Booty ompleted 15 of 28 passes for 206 yards in his first game.

Steve Smith, JR WR/DB, Taft. Getting double and triple-teamed at times, Smith caught 9 passes for 93 yards in his first game. He also had two interceptions on defense.

Derrick Williams, JR RB, St. John Bosco. Ran for 112 yards, including a 62-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage Friday night against Bellflower.

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