Sunday Comments from Karl Dorrell

UCLA head football coach <b>Karl Dorrell</b> comments after practice about the first day in pads, the quarterbacks, the heat, some injuries and a wide receiver who is distinguishing himself, among other things...

Comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrell:

-- "I feel like camp is finally kicking in. It was nice to get in pads for the first time. There wasn't really any difference in terms of our tempo. And that's what we're trying to establish in terms of how we do it, regardless of what the practice gear of the day would be."

-- "I'm pleased with the effort. It was tough on these guys. It's warm and they have on all that gear, but they're trying to do things the right way. I'm pleased with the effort."

-- "I am concerned about the heat, because we haven't done a two-a-day. So tomorrow will be an interesting day. We'll try to keep them hydrated and have the water breaks as much as we can. We're very conscious of it and we'll monitor it to make sure our guys are hydrated."

-- On Spencer Havner sitting out practice: "He has a slight hamstring. Again, we want to monitor these kind of things to take care of them early because if he fully pulls it, he's out for a week or two. So we're trying to do some precautionary things. Rodney Leisle wanted to practice a little more today. We tried to hold him out but he wants to practice. That's just him and his senior leadership. We're erroring on the conservative side. If it becomes a major injury and we don't have them for the first game, then that didn't help us. We're going to practice hard and try to be smart in the same sentence."

-- On Kevin Brown getting reps with the first and second teams: "He's doing okay. He's not quite there. He's starting to learn the tempo of how we do it. I think some of those senior linemen are taking him under their wing and they're doing a good job with him. He's one of those guys that quite possibly he could be a good reserve for us during the season. He's done some good things for us so far."

-- On wide receiver Jacques Lazarus' disciplinary laps around the field: "He got in trouble. He didn't do what he was coached to do, and anytime you have an attitude that's not ‘team,' then you're separated from the team. So, it's just a little wake-up call and he gets to spend the day running."

-- On Maurice Drew playing this season and not redshirting: "He is eye-opening. He's been making some plays running with the football. In all likelihood he probably will, but I haven't decided if that's going to be the case. It looks like he can definitely help us this year."

-- On the quarterbacks' performance Sunday: "Steady. I didn't see anything real glaring that were real foolish mistakes. As we continue to do these drills and scrimmage-type situations we'll start to take everyone off the field and let them try to command an offense, and that we'll probably determine who's best to lead the offense. Right now we're still gradually getting into that phase. I'm sure in this next week we'll put them in situations where we'll be able to tell if there's any differences. We'll get the coaches off the field and see how they operate without anyone behind them."

-- On the proliferation of dropped balls: "We had it the first day on campus. The fact that we're here now and we've been doing this for five days, and we still have that kind of non-production, that raises a little bit of concern. But it's still early in camp. I'm striving for perfection. That's the way I want to build this thing. We need to do a better job of holding onto the football, and that's just not the wide receivers, but the tight ends. We have to be a better ball-catching offense."

-- On finding a wide receiver to start and complement Craig Bragg: "No one's separated themselves yet, but the one I'm encouraged enough about to be a compliment for Craig Bragg because of his experience is Ryan Smith. He's had a good camp so far. He's a senior and he's battle-tested. He'd be a guy I would hope would come through and give us a pretty solid tandem."

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