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30 Most Important Bruins for 2016: No. 2 Conor McDermott

July 31 -- In the penultimate installment in our 30 most important Bruins countdown, coming in at No. 2 is the man protecting Josh Rosen's blindside...

With under one month to go until the start of fall camp, we're going to count down our 30 most important UCLA players for the 2016 season. These are the players we think are going to have the most significant impact for UCLA this year, so don't take this to mean that these are the players we think are the best long-term prospects, or even necessarily the most talented. Every BRO staffer has ranked his top 30 UCLA players, and from that we've drawn an aggregate list.

Today we'll continue with No. 2.

2. Conor McDermott, RS Senior Offensive Tackle

2015 Statistics: Started 12 of 13 games, second team All-Pac-12

Why He's Important: One of the few completely positive developments from UCLA's offseason was the return of left tackle Conor McDermott. Before the 2015 season, if we had been handicapping the chances of various offensive linemen leaving the program, we probably would have said that McDermott was the most likely, followed by Caleb Benenoch and then Alex Redmond. Instead, Benenoch and Redmond left, but McDermott, after a period of rumination, elected to stay in the program and return for his senior season. It was a momentous decision for UCLA, as McDermott's decision in and of itself shored up UCLA's offensive line enough to think that the offense has a decent enough chance of succeeding this year.

McDermott is a tremendous talent who, in football years, is actually still pretty young, though it does seem like he's been in the program for ages (unless I'm missing someone, he's the last remaining Rick Neuheisel recruit in the program, having grey-shirted during Neuheisel's last season). He's only started 19 games in his UCLA career, and really didn't play a whole lot before he was thrust into the starting lineup (his lone significant action during his freshman season was the briefest of series against Stanford before he suffered a season-ending injury). So, despite being a fairly old college senior, it's still fair to say that he's not yet a finished product.

And that's a truly exciting thought, that there's still such great potential with McDermott, because as it is, he has had a very impressive two seasons. As we pointed out several times before the start of the season last year, UCLA's propensity for giving up sacks in 2014 dropped off considerably when McDermott was inserted into the starting lineup at left tackle, and last year, UCLA gave up a relatively minuscule 14 sacks over the entire season. While some of that last total was due to the quarterback change from the sack-prone Brett Hundley to the more aware Josh Rosen, you have to attribute a good portion of it to McDermott as well. His length, lateral mobility, bend, and increased strength over the last year has turned him into one of the, oh, probably top ten tackles in the nation.

Everything we wrote in the Kolton Miller stands as well. If McDermott goes down, there simply isn't much behind him. Yes, Miller is very talented and can probably fill in at left tackle, but suddenly Andre James, who's ideally still a year away from being counted on to play considerably, would suddenly be starting at right tackle. Keeping McDermott upright and healthy all year is going to be nearly as big of a priority as keeping our No. 1 player healthy. And we'll get to that tomorrow.

What's Been Said About Him:

"I think he's brought consistency to that side of the line. You know what you'll get from Conor. Great technique. He's done a great job helping us find that balance." -- OL Caleb Benenoch, September 10, 2015

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30 Most Important Bruins for 2016

RankNameHighest RankLowest Rank
2 Conor McDermott 2 (2-way tie) 5 (John Evergreen)
3 Eddie Vanderdoes 1 (Blair Angulo) 5 (Dave Woods)
4 Scott Quessenberry 4 (Dave Woods) 8 (John Evergreen)
5 Jayon Brown 2 (John Evergreen) 15 (Blair Angulo)
6 Takkarist McKinley 5 (Blair Angulo) 10 (John Evergreen)
7 Kolton Miller 3 (Dave Woods) 20 (Blair Angulo)
8 Soso Jamabo 7 (John Evergreen) 18 (Blair Angulo)
9 Fabian Moreau 4 (John Evergreen) 22 (Dave Woods)
10 Nate Iese 7 (Blair Angulo) Unranked (Tracy Pierson)
11 Ishmael Adams 8 (Dave Woods) 22 (John Evergreen)
12 Eli Ankou 10 (2-way tie) 21 (Dave Woods)
13 Isaako Savaiinaea 11 (John Evergreen) 27 (Dave Woods)
14 Eldridge Massington 8 (Blair Angulo) 26 (Tracy Pierson)
15 J.J. Molson 9 (Blair Angulo) 21 (2-way tie)
16 Nate Starks 14 (Dave Woods) 22 (Blair Angulo)
17 Jaleel Wadood 6 (John Evergreen) 30 (Tracy Pierson)
18 Kenny Young 13 (Tracy Pierson) Unranked (Blair Angulo)
19 Theo Howard 14 (John Evergreen) 24 (2-way tie)
20 Matt Dickerson 15 (John Evergreen) 29 (Tracy Pierson)
21 Randall Goforth 12 (John Evergreen) 29 (Blair Angulo)
22 Austin Kent 17 (Blair Angulo) 30 (John Evergreen)
23 Bolu Olorunfunmi 13 (Dave Woods) Unranked (Blair Angulo)
24 Deon Hollins 15 (Tracy Pierson) Unranked (Dave Woods)
25 Darren Andrews 12 (Tracy Pierson) Unranked (2-way tie)
26 Kenny Walker 13 (Blair Angulo) Unranked (2-way tie)
27 Mike Fafaul 11 (Tracy Pierson) Unranked (3-way tie)
28 Josh Woods 23 (Blair Angulo) Unranked (2-way tie)
29 Keisean Lucier-South 14 (Tracy Pierson) Unranked (3-way tie)
30 Nate Meadors 20 (John Evergreen) Unranked (2-way tie)

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