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Bruins in the Olympics

Aug. 1 -- A total of 36 UCLA Bruins have made Olympic rosters, which includes incoming and current players, alumni and coaches...


UCLA to Send 36 to 2016 Olympic Games

A total of 36 UCLA Bruins have made Olympic rosters for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, including 29 current, incoming or former student-athletes, four UCLA alumni/students, and three current or former coaches. The 2016 Olympics begin Aug. 3 with soccer games two days ahead of the Opening Ceremonies and will conclude on Aug. 21.

UCLA will be represented by 12 countries in 2016, with the majority from the United States (24). The other countries represented by Bruins are Australia, Brazil, Canada (2 Bruins), Colombia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore.

Women’s soccer and women’s water polo are tied for the most representation by sport, with six Bruins on each team. Women’s soccer has two incoming freshmen, two alumnae and two coaches on various teams. UCLA women’s water polo is represented by six Bruins on Team USA – one current, one incoming freshman, three alumnae and the head coach. Other sports represented by Bruins are track and field (4), badminton (3), men’s indoor volleyball (3), men’s tennis (2), men’s water polo (2), women’s golf (2), women’s indoor volleyball (2), women’s basketball (1), women’s beach volleyball (1), women’s gymnastics (1), women’s rugby (1), women’s swimming (1) and women’s rowing (1).

For 13 of UCLA's 2016 Olympians, this will be a return visit to the Olympics. USA Women’s Volleyball head coach Karch Kiraly is participating in his fifth Olympic Games. He won gold with the USA Indoor Volleyball men’s team in 1984 and 1988, gold in beach volleyball in 1996 and silver in 2012 as assistant coach of the USA Women’s Volleyball team.

Marathoner Meb Keflezighi and tennis player Marcin Matkowski are competing in their fourth Olympic Games. Keflezighi competed in 2000 in the 10,000m and in 2004 and 2012 in the marathon, winning a silver medal in 2004. Matkowski has played in each Olympic Games since 2004. Additionally, Jill Ellis, who was the UCLA women’s soccer head coach from 1999-2009, is coaching in her fourth Olympic Games, but first as head coach of Team USA. Two members of the USA men’s volleyball staff will be making their third Olympic appearances. USA and UCLA men’s volleyball John Speraw is in his first Olympics as head coach for Team USA after serving as an assistant coach in 2008 and 2012, and team leader Erik Sullivan previously played on the 2000 and 2004 teams.

Making their second Olympic appearances are 2012 Olympic gold medalists Courtney Mathewson and head coach Adam Krikorian with USA women’s water polo, men’s tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer, pole vaulter Tori Pena, javelin thrower Brittany Borman, swimmer Ting Quah and women’s soccer player Rosie White.

Six of the 2016 UCLA Olympians are current student-athletes or incoming freshmen – senior Rachel Fattal (USA women’s water polo), junior Alex Roelse (USA men’s water polo) and incoming freshmen Jessie Fleming (Canada women’s soccer), Madison Kocian (USA women’s gymnastics), Maddie Musselman (USA women’s water polo) and Mal Pugh (USA women’s soccer). USA badminton player Iris Wang is also a UCLA undergraduate student.

Two current UCLA coaches will be participating in the Olympic Games as well – Speraw with Team USA and women’s soccer goalkeeper coach Aline Reis, who will play for Brazil. Speraw and Reis are two of the 13 current UCLA coaches who are Olympians, joining Steve Alford (men’s basketball, 1984 gold medalist), Brandon Brooks (water polo, 2004, 2008 silver medalist), Amanda Cromwell (soccer, 1996 alternate), Sharon Day-Monroe (track & field, 2008, 2012), Lisa Fernandez (softball, 1996/2000/2004 gold medalist) Amy Fuller Kearney (rowing, 1992 silver medalist, 1996, 2000), Jenny Johnson-Jordan (beach volleyball, 2000, 2004 alternate), Stein Metzger (beach volleyball, 2004), Chris Waller (gymnastics, 1992), Jordyn Wieber (gymnastics, 2012 gold medalist), and Adam Wright (water polo, 2004, 2008 silver medalist, 2012).

A total of 424 Bruins have now combined to make 687 Olympic appearances since the 1920 Games. 

Additionally, six Bruin alumni will be part of NBC’s broadcast team at the Games – Ato Boldon (track & field), Kay Cockerill (golf), Tim Daggett (gymnastics), Ann Meyers Drysdale (basketball), Samantha Peszek (digital/gymnastics) and Kevin Wong (beach volleyball).

2016 UCLA Olympians

Athletes (30)
Brittany Borman - USA Track & Field (Javelin)

(UCLA student-athlete in 2009)
KK Clark – USA Women’s Water Polo

(UCLA 2012 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2009-12)

Rachel Fattal – USA Women’s Water Polo

            (UCLA senior, 2013-present)

Lauren Fendrick – USA Women’s Beach Volleyball

            (UCLA 2004 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1999-2002

Nirra Fields – Canada Women’s Basketball

            (UCLA 2016 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2013-16)

Jessie Fleming – Canada Women’s Soccer

            (UCLA incoming freshman)

Kelly Griffin – USA Women’s Rugby

            (UCLA 2008 graduate; competed for UCLA Rugby Club team from 2005-08)

Sami Hill – USA Women’s Water Polo

            (UCLA 2015 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2011-15)

Meb Keflezighi – USA Track & Field

            (UCLA 1998 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1994-98)

Madison Kocian – USA Women’s Gymnastics

            (UCLA incoming freshman)

Karsta Lowe – USA Women’s Volleyball

            (UCLA 2015 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2011-14)

Courtney Mathewson – USA Women’s Water Polo

            (UCLA 2008 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2005-08)

Marcin Matkowski – Poland Men’s Tennis

            (UCLA student-athlete from 2001-03)

Sam Mewis – USA Women’s Soccer (alternate)

            (UCLA 2014 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2011-14)
Maddie Musselman – USA Women’s Water Polo

            (UCLA incoming freshman)

Tori Pena – Ireland Track & Field (Pole Vault)

            (UCLA 2010 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2007-10)

Mal Pugh – USA Women’s Soccer

            (UCLA incoming freshman)

Ting Quah – Singapore Women’s Swimming

            (UCLA 2014 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2011-14)

Aline Reis – Brazil Women’s Soccer

            (UCLA goalkeeper coach since 2013)

Alex Roelse – USA Men’s Water Polo

            (UCLA junior, 2014-present)

Jean-Julien Rojer – Netherlands Men’s Tennis

            (UCLA student-athlete from 2000-02)

Josh Samuels – USA Men’s Water Polo

            (UCLA 2012 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2009-12)

Nicholas Scarvelis – Greece Men’s Track & Field

            (UCLA student-athlete from 2012-16)

Giulia Sergas – Italy Women’s Golf

            (UCLA student-athlete in 1999)

Howard Shu – USA Badminton

            (UCLA 2013 graduate)

Jamie Subandhi – USA Badminton

            (UCLA 2011 graduate)

Mariajo Uribe – Colombia Women’s Golf

            (UCLA student-athlete from 2007-09)

Meaghan Volker – Australia Women’s Rowing

            (UCLA 2014 graduate; competed at UCLA from 2013-14)

Iris Wang – USA Badminton

            (UCLA undergraduate student, 2012-present)

Rosie White – New Zealand, Women’s Soccer

            (UCLA 2014 graduate, competed at UCLA from 2011-14)


Coaches (4)
Jill Ellis – USA Women’s Soccer Head Coach

            (UCLA women’s soccer head coach from 1999-2010)

Karch Kiraly – USA Women’s Volleyball Head Coach

            (UCLA 1983 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1979-82)

Adam Krikorian – USA Women’s Water Polo Head Coach

(UCLA 1997 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1992-95, coached at UCLA from 1999-2009)

John Speraw – USA Men’s Volleyball Head Coach

(UCLA 1995 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1992-95, assistant coach at UCLA from 1996-2002, head coach at UCLA from 2013-present)


Staff (2)
Andrea Becker – USA Men’s Volleyball Sports Psychologist

            (UCLA assistant coach from 2012-15)

Erik Sullivan – USA Men’s Volleyball Team Leader

            (UCLA 1995 graduate; competed at UCLA from 1992-95)

2016 UCLA Olympians - by Sport


Badminton (3)

Howard Shu – USA (Men’s Singles)

Jamie Subandhi – USA (Mixed Doubles)

Iris Wang - United States (Women’s Singles)


Women's Basketball (1)
Nirra Fields – Canada (Guard)


Beach Volleyball (1)
Lauren Fendrick – USA


Women’s Golf (2)

Giulia Sergas – Italy

Mariajo Uribe - Colombia


Gymnastics (1)
Madison Kocian – USA


Women’s Rowing (1)

Meaghan Volker – Australia (W8+)


Women’s Rugby (1)

Kelly Griffin – USA (Hooker)


Women's Soccer (6)
Jill Ellis – USA (Head Coach)

Jessie Fleming – Canada (Midfielder)

Sam Mewis – USA (Alternate)

Mal Pugh – USA (Forward)

Aline Reis – Brazil (Goalkeeper)

Rosie White – New Zealand (Forward)


Women’s Swimming (1)

Ting Quah – Singapore (100m Fly)


Men's Tennis (2)
Marcin Matkowski – Poland (Doubles) 
Jean-Julien Rojer – Netherlands (Doubles)


Track & Field (4)
Brittany Borman – USA (Javelin)

Meb Keflezighi – USA (Marathon)
Tori Pena – Ireland (Pole Vault)

Nicholas Scarvelis – Greece (Shot Put)

Men's Volleyball (3)
Andrea Becker – USA (Sports Psychologist)

John Speraw – USA (Head Coach)

Erik Sullivan – USA (Team Leader)


Women's Volleyball (2)
Karch Kiraly – USA (Head Coach)

Karsta Lowe – USA (Opposite)


Men's Water Polo (2)
Alex Roelse – USA (Defender)

Josh Samuels – USA (Attacker)


Women's Water Polo (6)
KK Clark – USA (Defender)

Rachel Fattal – USA (Attacker)

Sami Hill – USA (Goalkeeper)

Adam Krikorian – USA (Head Coach)
Courtney Mathewson – USA (Attacker)

Maddie Musselman – USA (Attacker)

2016 UCLA Olympians - by Country

USA (24)
Andrea Becker – Men’s Volleyball

Brittany Borman – Track & Field

KK Clark – Women’s Water Polo

Jill Ellis – Women’s Soccer

Rachel Fattal – Women’s Water Polo

Lauren Fendrick – Beach Volleyball

Kelly Griffin – Women’s Rugby

Sami Hill – Women’s Water Polo

Meb Kefelzighi – Track & Field

Karch Kiraly – Women’s Volleyball

Madison Kocian – Women’s Gymnastics

Adam Krikorian – Women’s Water Polo

Karsta Lowe – Women’s Volleyball

Courtney Mathewson – Women’s Water Polo

Sam Mewis – Women’s Soccer

Maddie Musselman – Women’s Water Polo

Mal Pugh – Women’s Soccer

Alex Roelse – Men’s Water Polo

Josh Samuels – Men’s Water Polo

Howard Shu – Badminton

John Speraw – Men’s Volleyball

Jamie Subandhi – Badminton

Erik Sullivan – Men’s Volleyball

Iris Wang – Badminton


Canada (2)

Nirra Fields – Women’s Basketball

Jessie Fleming – Women’s Soccer


Australia (1)     

Meaghan Volker – Women’s Rowing


Brazil (1)

Aline Reis – Women’s Soccer


Colombia (1)

Mariajo Uribe – Women’s Golf


Greece (1)

Nicholas Scarvelis – Track & Field


Ireland (1)

Tori Pena – Track & Field


Italy (1)

Giulia Sergas – Women’s Golf


Netherlands (1)

Jean-Julien Rojer – Men’s Tennis


New Zealand (1)

Rosie White – Women’s Soccer


Poland (1)

Marcin Matkowski – Men’s Tennis


Singapore (1)

Ting Quah – Women’s Swimming



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