Video: Eli Ankou Talks Start of UCLA Fall Camp

Aug. 9 -- Starting defensive tackle Eli Ankou broke down his offseason improvements, changes in the weight room and more following Day 1 of UCLA Fall Camp...

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On start of camp:

It was good.  Really good.  We're in the hotel now, so that's nice. The room is good, everything is solid.  The weather is great, people are great, it's great to be back with the team.

On Eddie Vanderdoes being back:

Its weird because we're roommates, and I've been seeing him progress. But seeing 47 back on the field, it was nice. It was weird, I was expecting someone else, but he's there. It's great. We're going to do well.

On if there is a motivation to get back:

Absolutely.  I wouldn't call last year the cause of it, but in general, everyone was fired up.  Everyone got a lot bigger. Matt Dickerson has gotten buff. We're going to do really well this season.

On Sal Alosi:

Absolutely huge. He's been a big help to everyone.  Weightlifting and speed work has been good.  A very active summer.  A lot of protein shakes, every morning.  Some guys come back in the afternoon. You have to eat right.

On his weight:

Right now Im at 320, give or take.  It feels good. Coach Alosi does a good job for us to proportionately move around, keep our weight good.  I'm feeling good.

On his weight last year:

Last year, I was 305, just about.

On personal weight room's best:

Just about. Did you see Eddie's video? I'm trying to catch up to him a little bit.

On the difference from after the season and after the spring:

After the season ends, its mostly peak speed, we try to get as much speed work as possible. After spring ball, it's conditioning. We focus on different areas to be prepared.

On how the added weight helps:

For some guys, it's the placebo effect, they just feel better.  You look last year at Kenny Clark, he wasn't the strongest or heaviest, but he stood his ground because he knew how to use it.

On how Vanderdoes compares pre-injury:

It's hard to tell now, but we'll see in the season.

On how much added strength helps:

Strength has a lot to do with it, but it's technique. Strength can only take you so far. You have to do your assignments.

On the weight training regiment:

I couldn't really give specifics, I just go and do what's on my sheet. A lot of power training. Mainly getting guys more explosive. Another guy, Kenny Walker, he power cleans 300 pounds. That's impressive because he weighs half of that.

On working on technique:

Technique is always on the field, working before and after practice. Coach Angus is really good about that. He'll make sure you get your technique down so you're good to go on gameday.

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