Video: UCLA senior Ishmael Adams Talks Change From Cornerback to Receiver

Aug. 9 -- UCLA wide receiver Ishmael Adams spoke to reporters about his switch from the defensive side of the ball, his expectations and more following Day 2 of Fall Camp...

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On the transition:

It’s going great. I have a great coach in Coach Yarber. He’s doing everything to help me learn.  I love running routes, I love working with Josh and this offense. Especially Coach Polamalu. He does a great job getting guys in a position to make plays.

On the difference on offense:

I’m an aggressive player so I want to get the ball, whether its intended for me or not.  Scoring touchdowns is a great thing.

On who’s idea it was for the position switch:

The coaches asked me on a phone call and in person, and asked me how I feel about it.  I had to do what was best for the team. Im a team player, I had to do what is best for the team. I’m going to come out here and work hard.

On what Coach Meat said:

Coach Meat was alright with it. He has a great amount of players on defense. They can handle themselves with Randall Gofroth, Jaleel Wadood, Nate Meadors and Fabian Moreau.  Along with a great group from head to toe.  He was willing to let me go and to see what I can do.  He’s seen the ability I have with the ball in my hands.  So I had to come and show the coaches I could do the job.

On if he’ll play special teams:

Yes, it’s very competitive on that end, with Stephen Johnson, a lot of other guys who can return the ball. I’m doing the best I can.

On if he has a favorite route:

Every route is my favorite route. I try to get open every play.  If they’re looking my way, I hope they’ll throw me the ball.

On if knowing the DB’s tendencies helps his route running:

Knowing them helps a lot, but knowing I’m a DB helps more. I know what kinds of things they look for and what may catch them off guard.  It helps to be a DB.  Knowing them a little more, as personal as I do, may help a little more.

On if he’ll play both ways:

At this moment, I’m trying to get intricate on the offense.  Trying to get with Josh.  Every person is important so we’re trying to work hard and get that going.

On what the position change meant for his future:

At this moment, I’m not concerned with that. We have big dreams on this team.  When that comes, I’ll be happy to answer those questions.  At this point, I’m concerned about the season.

On if he or Soso Jamabo will wear No. 1:

I’ll let the coaches take care of that one.  It doesn’t really matter.  I would like to stay with No. 1.

On what his dad, a former DB, said about the position change:

He actually played both sides at East Carolina. He worked with me a lot during the summer, with the mental side. With that natural ability he gave me in my gene pool, it helped a lot. He played receiver and DB as well.  He played DB and returner in the league.  Corner.  They tried to give him an opportunity to receiver in the league.  He was a lot more hard-headed then I am though. 

On playing offense in high school:

It helps with the natural movement. I feel like I’m a natural athlete. I got with some great guys in the offseason, like Mike Sherrard, who coached me in high school, that worked on the intricate details to work on my routes from spring to fall.

On what he’ll specifically focus on:

My pad level, getting in and out of my breaks. Honestly, I can’t focus on one specific thing, because I’m a perfectionist, I work hard on everything. I’ll take the initiative to make big plays down the field. 

On the swagger he brings to offense:

Me being a smaller guy, once again, to the naked eye, you do have a sense of proving yourself. Just working hard, it allows me to come out here with enthusiasm.  More plays are coming.  Also the thing called heart, and loving the game you come out here to do.  What I came to UCLA for.

On Eldridge Massington saying he had little man syndrome:

That’s something you expect a tall guy to say. We all strive to be great and I want to be the same and that pushes me.

On Kennedy Polamalu’s energy:

I have that same type of energy and I feel like I can mix with him a lot. When he speaks, Im quiet and absorb what he had. It will be powerful for us and will take us a long way.

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