Video: Eric Yarber Talks UCLA Receivers After Day 2 of Fall Camp

Aug. 10 -- UCLA receivers coach Eric Yarber spoke about his position group, the integration of Eric Yarber, quarterback Josh Rosen and more...

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On how the receivers are coming along:

They’re coming along pretty good.  They’re working hard. It’s great competition out there. Each and everyone knows that if he doesn’t step up, the next guy can do the job.  I love that type of competition.

On if they can handle all the departures:

I have no doubt we have the depth to do it well. From top to bottom, this receiving corps is very good. We have the depth to replace those guys. A lot of guys are hungry. They know we lost Jordan payton, Devin Fuller, Thomas Duarte. Now its their opportunity to come in and be that guy, catch 60-70 passes a year.

On Ishmael Adams’ transition:

It’s very good. Ishmael adds a dimension of quicks, speed and playmaking ability. He’s a lot like Mossi, he brings toughness to that group. He brings grit and grime. You never want a soft receiving corps.

On Eldridge Massington:

He’s Mr. Steady. He knows his plays, he knows his role.  He’s helping those young guys, Audie, Theo. One thing I like is this group is not selfish.  They want to help the group.

On if he’s building a relationship with Josh Rosen:

He is.  I think he’s building that you-to-me factor. Kenny Walker is building that with Rosen.  Alex Van Dyke is one Rosen likes throwing to.  You don’t have to throw it perfectly, just throw it to his radius. 

On Alex Van Dyke’s biggest improvement:

He’s lower body strength. Remember, when he got here, I called him Bambi, because he had the wobbly legs.  But he has that lower body strength.  It allows him to get in and out of his cuts better. 

On if someone is stepping up to be a leader:

Eldridge is starting to step up and be a leader and Kenny Walker is a leader and believe it or not, Alex Van Dyke is trying to take over that leadership role.

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