Video: Darren Andrews Talks UCLA Fall Camp

Aug. 10 -- Darren Andrews, UCLA's leading returning receiver, spoke about the position group, his improvement and more following Day 2 of Fall Camp...

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On replacing key guys:

I like the transition so far.  We have a lot of talented receivers with everyone doing their part. Excited for what’s to come.

On Ishmael Adams at receiver:

I like it a lot. He’s like me, a feisty receiver.  Its always good to add one like those to the bunch. If he makes plays for us, it will be exciting.

On Adams’ trash talking:

He’s the same person. You can’t really change a person. The way he was on defense, he’s the same way on offense, he’s just now catching the ball.

On Adams’ background at DB helping:

He does, because he played DB for a long time, so he takes it and uses it for his advantage. Knowing where the DB is supposed to be.

On if there is an adjustment with less motion:

No, there hasn’t been. We rarely do a motion, if we do, it’s a specific route.  Most of the time, we line up and run our route.

On where they’ve come since spring ball as an offense:

I feel like as a group we feel a lot more comfortable. In the spring, it was a whole new offense, new signals.  Our heads were spinning around.  Since then, everyone has learned the playbook and we came out here and we’re crisp. 

On if he’s taking more of a leadership role:

I think we’re all leaders and hold each other accountable.  I teach the young guys who don’t know the playbook as well.  We’re trying to get the young guys in a groove with us and get that process done quick. 

On which young players are impressing:

I love all the young guys we have. Everyone has the talent. We can use all the talent we have. I like where we are.  A lot of young talent is great.

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