Fullback Ainuu Taua on Running Over People

Aug. 12 -- The sophomore fullback, Ainuu Taua, talks about the impact -- literally -- he's providing he offense...

Ainuu Taua talked after practice about his impact on the offense.

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On playing fullback:

I really enjoy it.  I’ve never played fullback in my life. Spring ball got me ready, also training with my family. Plus all the other things I did to get ready. I feel like it’s going well so far.

On what he needs to improve on:

I need to work on being low and knowing the signals.  And just the plays. 

On when he sees a smaller back in the open field:

I just like getting the ball. Everyone likes getting the ball. 

On what he's thinking when he lines up to run a play called for him:

I’m thinking run my route as fast as I can, and have strong hands. Catch the ball if it comes to me, block if it doesn't.

On the difference in mindset playing offense:

Moving the ball instead of stopping the ball. I really want to help move the ball. On defense, you want to stop the ball.

On if he knew he had good hands:

I played offense in high school.  And me and my brothers always played catch out in the street. I like to catch the ball. I don’t want to not catch the ball.

On the heavy package with him and Jalen Starks:

That’s our regular package.  He's the big running back, I'm the big fullback. You can call it heavy. That’s our formation. He's the back at the time, I'm the fullback. It’s not a special package, it's just the way we rotate. 

On if the coaches told him he’ll get more touches:

I haven't heard that, but it’s cool to know.  I’m just going to try and keep catching the rock every opportunity I get. And then keep going from there. 

On how much his energy changes:

It’s not thinking so much, just knowing what you have to do, and just trust your technique. At the fullback spot, you have to hit the hole and sometimes it’s not always going to be there, so you have to figure a way around.  On defense, you have your assignment.  Being able to go from one gap to a different one when it closes and come down and break down on them so they can't shed you.


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