UCLA OL Poasi Moala Has Newfound Confidence

Aug. 12 -- UCLA redshirt junior Poasi Moala has locked down a starting spot on the offensive line and spoke about his development Friday...


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On the first unit:

Its important that this offensive line this year is a brotherhood inside a brotherhood. I've never been around an offensive line that is as close knit as this group is.  I think that is key and a key factor for our team this year.

On his own improvement:

Size and strength and gaining weight. That has always been a struggle for me. And Coach (Sal) Alosi changed it up a lot, he's got us hitting it harder four times a week, instead of three times a week.  He has us increased weight. More dynamic.

On who is the strongest on the offensive line:

For bench press, upper body, Kenny Lacy.  And Kolton too.  Kenny is in the mid 400's and Kolton is a little over 500 for squat.

On if they can all fit in the hot tub:

No way, not even close.

On being in pads:

It was nice to get back out in full pads. I feel more at home with the pads on.  Defensive linemen have the advantage when we dont have the pads on.

On the matchups with the defense:

They get a hold of us, but it's more even now.  I think we pull it very well and we get better and better.

On his hair:

I just chopped it last Tuesday, but before that, I hadn't had a haircut in seven years.  For those who didn't know me, it was down here (lower back).  It was time for a change. My biggest thing, it was a lot of weight on my shoulders, having the hair.  I just feel free. I had been talking for the longest time about cutting it. Then I just chopped it off.

On his hand issue:

My third and fourth metacarpal, I broke it last year after the UNLV game.  Someone elses helmet came and smacked it.  All my hand, my fingers, was stuck.  It was worse before.  It wasn't working.  Too painful. They said when I was done with football, to get the surgery.

On his mindset changing:

Last couple years, been a lot of off the field issues at home, financial struggles.  My mind wasn't fully here. I chose to put my mind on the right path and commit to football and stop worrying about the outside obstacles.

On setting those aside:

I just tried to focus, eliminate the outside distractions.

On if the mental coach has helped:

Especially him, I love Trevor. He has the whole team.  There was negativity but he's taught us to stay positive. If you ever want to talk to him, you go talk to him as a mentor.

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