UCLA OL Kolton Miller Sees Weight Room Improvements

Aug. 15 -- Kolton Miller, UCLA's starting right offensive tackle, spoke about fall camp, his progress in the weight room and more...


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On he and Connor McDermott's nickname:

It was freshman year, it was a joke, no one was coming close to me and Connor.  I think I've got him by a quarter of an inch.  He's got me weight wise, he's 310-315, I'm like 305 right now.

On his strength:

We had a good high school program. We had a lot of power lifting. I was already good with front squat, and that's how you graduate to back squat.  And Coach (Sal) Alosi's program helped me with that.  

On his squat:

It's around 600 right now.  You hear of linemen being at 700, but being at 6-9, that is still something.

On if he holds the UCLA record:

No, when Owa (Odighizuwa) was here, he had some crazy numbers, but it's still a good weight. I think Eli (Ankou) has his number up there.

On Alosi's program:

We've been squeezing in more power lifts during the week, so that is something. And we've been doing speed work. It's all planned out by season.

On if he's noticed his own improvement:

Absolutely. I hit Golden Bruin in the offseason, because I hit my goals.

On what Golden Bruin is:

Golden Bruin is, you have a list of categories and benchmarks you should hit, and if you hit them, you get the title of Golden Bruin.

On how many guys hit Golden Bruin status:

I believe it was eight or ten.

On the biggest improvement of the offensive line:

I feel like we're really coming together as a unit.  Things are flowing. We have like three squads, I thought we were low on lineman, but we have three squads. Andre James and Zach Bateman are picking it up right now, we're getting better.

On establishing a starting offensive line:

Taking snaps, the o-line, it's all about taking snaps. The more you work together, the more you're strengthened and successful.

On being in full pads:

It was pretty good. 2.5 hours, you have to have that mindset to work all day, but it was fun bringing out the pads.   

On if the intensity increases:

There is a certain mindset that comes with that, you have to bring your A-game or you'll look like a fool.

On his size:

I'm 305.

On what he enrolled at:

I was pretty chubby as a freshman, I was 310, chubby faced, then after camp, I was down to 280 and built it up to muscle.

On if he has a friendly rivalry with Connor McDermott:

No, it's going against Matt Dickerson every day, Takk McKinley, Deon (Hollins), thats my competition, trying to be successful against them.

On their defensive ends:

We have a really good mix. I think it really helps me a lot.  Getting out, taking a bull rush. That's all you need.

On what he learns from McDermott:

Over the time I've been here, that's who I've looked up to and tried to adapt my set to how he was successful. That helped me with that. Now I'm trying to be more aggressive. I think I've been really successful.

On if he's watched any film on Texas A&M:

Yeah, that's why we put in the work here.  The work is done in practice.

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