Chillar Talks of Leadership

In this interview, the senior linebacker <b>Brandon Chillar</b> talks about stepping up as a senior leader, a possible position change and the opening game against Colorado...

The lone senior at linebacker this season will be three-year starter, Brandon Chillar. He gives us his thoughts on the season, the linebacking corps and having his jersey sold by adidas…

BRO: So how have things been going this camp, compared to last?

Chillar: "It's been great. There's been a lot of enthusiasm. Every day we are trying something new, but the guys are working hard. We put a lot of time in this summer to get to this point."

BRO: The linebacking corps is considered to be one of the best in the conference, but you lose Marcus Reese. How do you think Justin London is doing?

Chillar: "Justin's doing great. Me and Spencer (Havner) know what we need to do, so we can work with Justin a little more. I've played with some great linebackers since I have been here, and Justin could be as good."

BRO: Speaking of Spencer, you guys make for a pretty good combo on the outside.

Chillar: Yeah, we just switched spots in camp. We talked about it in spring, but did it this week. He is at strongside now and I am at weakside. We complement each other well. Our linebackers are pretty good and I think we can play with anyone in the country."

BRO: The defense could be one of the best UCLA has had in a long time. Your first year, the defense was pretty bad, but has turned it around. What's been the difference?

Chillar: "Attitude. We had to improve our attitude, like we could be a dominant defense. Once we did that, we played better together. Two years ago, we were the best defense in the Pac-10, and last year we had a pretty good year. This year, we have a lot of senior up front that can make us the best defense in the Pac-10 again." BRO: Being the lone senior in the linebacking corps, what has your role been?

Chillar: "On the whole defense, I have had to go out and lead by example. We have had seniors each year I have been here on defense who were leaders. Tony White, Robert Thomas, Marcus Reese. As a senior, I need to be a leader to the younger guys."

BRO: Colorado last year took it to you guys pretty good. As a member of that defense, how important is the game this year?

Chillar: "It's important because it's the first game. We got beat pretty bad by them, and we want to show we have pride in how we play. Now it's our turn to go into there place and show what we can do."

BRO: You played sparingly as a freshman, but got a lot of time on special teams. Do you wish you had redshirted?

Chillar: "It helped me get to this point, getting experience. I can't believe it's my last year already, but I am pretty happy to be at this point."

BRO: Your jersey is selling now. What's it like knowing you are a pretty big part of this team, to the point where they are selling your jersey, putting you on the media guide, on the posters?

Chillar: "It means I have put a lot of hard work in. It's cool being rewarded for that, all my hard work and commitment. Now I just want to live up to it."

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